Tips on Increasing the Home’s Value by Adding Curb Appeal

By Maria Rogerson

March 26, 2018House & Garden

Though we like to think there are exceptions to it, first impression matters a great deal; it is so with our appearance, and it is so with the appearance of our homes too. A lot can be said about the owner based on what the home looks like on the outside, which is why there’s no doubt the exterior décor is just as important as the interior. Adding curb appeal to your home is just the thing you need, and here are some tips on how to do it.

Now, you might have the impression it’s the kind of makeover that would cost you greatly, but it doesn’t have to be so since you can start from the smaller details. Take the wall letterbox for example. Though we have shifted towards emails, we still receive snail mail, and like it or not, the letterbox has a considerable role in the home’s curb appeal.


The choices of wall letterbox are so vast nowadays, you can easily find one made of quality materials that can withstand the harsh Australian climate, such as sustainable timber (e.g. Accoya wood), and stainless steel, so you’d no longer have to worry you’d have to think of maintaining it more often than not, and replacing it soon – it’s the durability that makes all the difference.

Best thing about the new letterboxes is they are also versatile in style, giving you the opportunity to spice them up with the addition of a planter box in the same materials, paint them, engrave them, or order your specific custom-made letterbox. Speaking of planter boxes, plants can also be of help when adding curb appeal.

If your outdoor space allows it, you can introduce the charms of ornamental trees around, so you’d get just as much shade and privacy, as aesthetics. There are many trees that can be espaliered, trimmed, and trained into a specific shape which can further help you with getting a unique look. Then again, you can also use ground covers to bring paths to life, and fight weed problems.

As it is the outdoors, the more light you have, the better. Thanks to the design of LEDs, it wouldn’t be much of a difficult task to accomplish, lighting up the paths, deck, and parking space for more safety, security, and stylishness. On the plus side, you could use some lighting fixtures to highlight the tree’s branches, or a sculpture you’re fond of.

Last but not least, give the outdoors a good look, and decide whether the doors, windows, roof, and paint need some refreshment because they do have a say in the appearance. After following these tips, at the end of the day you can count on great outcome of curb appeal, plus increased home value.