Our Tips for Buying a Tactical Torch

By Steve George

October 25, 2017Camping Electronics Sports

If you’re into camping, hiking in the dark or hunting, then you probably understand the importance of having a tactical flashlight. When darkness falls and your field of vision is limited, a piercing beam to illuminate the way can do wonders. Originally designed for the military and police, tactical flashlights are now available for every homeowner who needs illumination and protection from prowlers, any hunter and search and rescue parties.


Since tactical flashlights are commonly used in high-stress and hazardous situations, considering the weight, material, light output method, strobe settings, power source and lumens is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips for buying a military grade torch.

The Flashlight Material

Nowadays, most flashlight torches are made from several materials, plastic, aluminium and anodized aluminium. Plastic is decent, however, aluminium offers more strength and possible lightness advantages. Anodized aluminium adds an extra layer of aluminium oxide on the outer surface which toughens the military grade torch even more. These torch lights are very reliable in tumble and rough situations where the urgency on a dependable light is high.

Ergonomics and Weight Can Make or Break

You want your torch light to be as light as possible, so you can carry and maneuver it easier. Holding a heavy flashlight will eventually fatigue your arms. Moreover, military grade torches can be mounted on a gun, and it should be light to increase the steadiness of the gun. Moreover, the torch should have an ergonomic handle, allowing for an easy grasp.

LED Tech

Buying a torch light that uses incandescent light bulbs is a huge mistake most of the time, since they break easily and burn out fast. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are extremely durable and reliable. Their life-span can be as long as 50.000 working hours. Moreover, LED bulbs illuminate evenly in all directions and they shine brighter in general.


Generally speaking, more lumens means brighter illumination. If you’re looking for short-range illumination, then about 50 lumens are sufficient enough to reveal the area right in front of you. However, if you’re looking for long-range illumination, then you’re looking for something in the range of 200 to 300 lumens. For self-defense purposes like dazzling human prowlers, the torch should have at least 500 lumens.

Battery Types

No flashlight can function without reliable batteries. Your choice will typically be between rechargeable and disposable batteries. Personally, I prefer to have a pack of both, just in case. Rechargeable batteries wear off over time and require a power outlet to be recharged. Disposable ones can always be used as back-up batteries, as they’re relatively cheap.