Top 7 Tips For Buying A New Mattress

By Steve George

February 19, 2015Which Are The Top Online Retailers In Australia?

Yes, annoying back pains and sleepless nights can be a real nightmare, if not sleeping on the right mattress. However, very few of us actually pay attention on this bedroom detail. It is like we neglect the value of a good sleep. Even though all we want is a good night sleep. If we were to ask different people the question: “What is the first thing you want do to when you come home from work?, the most common answer would probably be “relax and sleep”.

Hence, the importance of having a quality mattress. Most commonly, the mattress-buying decision is based on price, when there are more important factor. But this does not mean that cheap mattresses are no good. On the contrary, there are numerous cheap deals on branded mattresses. The problem is people do not know what to look for when choosing the right mattress. Do you?


  • Identify The Pros And Cons of the Mattress You Own – May this be your guideline when starting your quest for the ideal mattress. Think of what you likes most about your old mattress and look for the same features in a new one. Also, consider the brand and manufacturer of the mattress you already have, as this can help a lot when buying a new one.
  • Do Your Homework – Before making a final decision, best thing to do is to research online. Internet is literally the home of cheap mattresses and any cheap sale deal for that matter. Research for and compare different manufacturers, different brands, different retailers and prices. Look at various models and features; read other people’s buying experiences and reviews to ensure you make the right choice.
  • Consider Your Budget – Although not the only factor you have to consider when buying a new mattress, still it is an important one. You know best your finances and how much you can afford. That is why you can choose between expensive and cheap mattresses. General opinion is that price determines the quality of a product, but this does not have to necessarily be the case with all products. Truth is that you can find cheap mattresses of a good quality and features. All you need to do is pay attention to every detail and you’ll surely find a perfect bargain.
  • Consult With Your Partner – If you live with your partner, ask him/her for opinion. When sharing the same bed, your partner’s personal opinion, needs and expectations about your new mattress are as important as yours.
  • Consult With Your Doctor – This is not a must-do thing for people who do not suffer from particular health issues, but for those who do, consulting with a doctor when looking for the perfect mattress may be crucial. Based on your medical condition, a doctor or a physical therapist will recommend the best type and features of a mattress to look for.
  • Look For A Special Store That Specializes In Mattresses – With store that specialize in selling mattresses only, chances of getting the most out of expert opinion are more than high. The trained sales staff will certainly recommend the right mattress for you, according to your special needs and requirements.
  • Put The Potential Mattress Candidate To The Test– When in a store, do not miss out on the opportunity to try out the particular mattress you are interested in buying. Make sure the sales person has no problem with you laying on a mattress for several minutes, as it is highly important to make sure that it is not too hard nor too soft.