Top Tips On How To Master Greenhouse Gardening

By Maria Rogerson

November 4, 2015House & Garden

Greenhouses are wonderful all year round for planting herbs and veggies all while protecting them from harsh weather and any critters which can make your plants grow healthier and faster. Sure you can buy and install a really expensive greenhouse but there are so many modern garden planters to build a great greenhouse from scratch. All you need is spare wood, a couple bucks worth of supplies and some time to do it.

There are even options now for those of you who don’t have space, you can build a window greenhouse if you live in an apartment, or even on the rooftop if you have access to it so you can bring a little country living into the heart of a city. Greenhouses were once considered luxury to own and while still luxurious, they’re not so inaccessible; and modern garden planters have shown that building your own is sometimes even nicer than buying a pre-made one.


There are a few tips and tricks you should know about greenhouse gardening before you go out and build one of your own. Yes, you can enjoy delicious fruits and veggies all year round, but it might not be as putting some seeds into some soil and kicking back. If you are aiming for healthy, the rapid growth you should read some of the following pointers to make your greenhouse gardening experience the best and the easiest that it can possibly be.

The first tip you should take into account is to find a location where the sun hits most of the day, this is absolutely necessary. You’ll probably want to grow all year-round with a greenhouse so finding a location in your apartment or yard where the sun it most of the day, is crucial. The next thing you should take into advice is to choose the best soil for your plants. It is a vital part of the growing process, so higher quality soil means higher quality produce. Don’t try to save a few dollars, you’ll end up regretting it later.


Make sure you monitor temperature and the humidity, make sure you choose fans, heaters or ventilation that keeps the air in your greenhouse at the perfect temperature. Humidity and bad weather can cause your produce to contract the disease; it can cause mold, and it can cause your plants to rot and die. Make sure you label each plant or your modern garden planters that are, what day the plant needs to be watered, and any other specific care routines you may need to follow. This is the easiest way to remember all the things you need to do. Keep a journal of all the things that work great for you and all the things that didn’t work out so well, this will keep you from preventing the same mistakes in the future, or you can give it to someone who needs help with their own greenhouse.

Make sure you clean your greenhouse regularly as any dying plant can release gasses that can harm growing plants. And make sure you check on your plants regularly. It’s hard to see plants that look little dull in a room full of them, so make sure you inspect all your indoor modern planters separately and act quickly (see if a plant may need more or less water), and make sure you do your research.


A greenhouse can be a great way to actually bring in income; you can sell fruit and veggies on the side or even flowers at a better cost than standard prices, and you will always have fresh vegetables rather than those sad ones that are usually available in the winter time. It really is no wonder why modern garden planters have become more popular over greenhouses in recent years.

You can buy modern garden planters at your local hardware or gardening stores, or you can look at different models online, you can even find a lot of do-it-yourself guides, your options are limitless.