Tree Care Tips: Here’s Why You Need a Tree Surgeon

By Maria Rogerson

August 5, 2021House & Garden Services

Everyone loves trees, and what is there not to love: they keep us alive, they give us food, shadow… They are simply one of nature’s most precious creations. But, the majority of us don’t really know much about how to take care of them properly. Trees look majestic, stable and strong, which is why sometimes, to the untrained eye they can look healthy, even if they are suffering from insect infestation, parasites or some type of tree disease.

This is why, if you are a homeowner and you have trees on your property, the best way to keep them healthy is to hire a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons or arborists are professionals who can assess the tree, give it the needed care, diagnose diseases, recognise other issues, develop treatment plans and so on.

Why Should You Call a Professional?

The best and easiest way to keep your trees in a condition and able to withstand strong winds, regenerate themselves, and stay firmly rooted in the ground without posing any danger to the environment is to hire a professional tree care company. The things that can attack a tree, or any type of plant for that matter, can be quite difficult to detect. Performing regular tree health check-ups is the best way to make sure that there isn’t anything you are missing.

tree arborist on a tree

Detect Health Issues and Keep Trees Healthy

A regular check-up means more or less once a year, regardless of what you think your trees’ condition might be or what the previous assessment has been. Of course, if you see something that doesn’t seem right, if a problem is visible, you should call an experienced professional tree surgeon arborist as soon as possible, to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Because, like with people, the earlier a health issue is detected, the more chance there is to save the tree.

tree arborist assessing a tree

Early detection of potential health risks to the tree and fast reaction with the right treatment can save your tree. A tree can be harmed by a huge number of conditions. If you call a professional tree care company, they can identify the disease and they will advise you on how to control it, by preparing a disease management plan, they can help with tree insect control, and so on. Furthermore, the arborist may carry out the needed treatment and do follow-ups, or they can give you instructions on how to proceed.

Planting or Removing Trees

A trained arborist can help you in case you want to plant a tree in your yard. They can advise you on the soil, the proper care for the species, which tree species can thrive in the climate and in all the surrounding conditions and so on.

Furthermore, if they’ve assessed that a tree is beyond saving if the disease has spread out too much, professional tree surgery arborists will also determine whether it should be removed. Nevertheless, there are other reasons why a tree may have to be removed, whether it’s for public safety, because of construction etc. Tree care companies are trained in removing trees, which is why if you ever need a tree removal for any reason, you should call them.

girl and a man planting a tree

Impact Assessment

If you are carrying out a building project and there are trees on-site, an arborist should make an arboricultural impact assessment before the construction work starts. This will determine the potential impact the construction might have on the tree, and help create a management plan on how to minimise the risks, and protect both the tree and your project. Trees can be negatively affected even by small projects because construction disturbs the soil, and heavy machinery can damage the tree as well.

The biggest issue regarding construction and the impact it has on trees are the roots. If more than 40% of the root system is damaged, the tree can’t stay healthy. Furthermore, damage to the root system may take years to appear.


Arborists are professionally trained to assess the health of trees and take care of them, treat them, trim or prune them, keep their branches away from power lines, and so on. Trimming trees may seem simple, but when it comes to trees, especially taller ones, it can be not only hard but even potentially dangerous for an untrained individual.

cut down tree

Public Safety

Another important reason to call an arborist is safety. Storms and strong winds are other reasons why a tree may fall. Nevertheless, if the tree root system has been damaged, whether it’s by disease, by construction, or if the roots are shallow or the root system hasn’t been stabilised, the tree can also fall, which might not only damage property but can also cause more serious accidents. Tree surgeons can help you mitigate such problems. They can assess the potential risks, and they can also advise on you the things you can do to prevent such an event.

man on a tree cutting it

Another concern when it comes to safety is power lines. Trees near electrical structures and wires can pose a public danger. Branches may catch fire, they can fall on the power lines causing cables to fall or causing electrical fires, the tree can become too heavy and fall, it can lean against the structure etc. This is why, if they are near powerlines trees should be regularly trimmed. According to regulations, the space above the powerlines should always be clear and the distance between the tree branches and the powerlines should be 1.5 metres. To maintain the cables, clear of branches, it’s recommendable to trim them every 2 to 5 years. The safest way to do this is to get a professional tree service.