Deciduous Trees: Be One with Nature in Your Own Backyard

By Steve George

August 10, 2016House & Garden

Trees have occupied our planet for millions of years, long before humanity came along. They have provided life’s essentials such as food, shelter, and oxygen for many of the Earth’s species including us humans. Trees are a vital part of our delicate Eco-system and they play a great role in keeping our planet able to sustain life. Trees are also a great way to beautify our environment, especially deciduous trees. As the seasons change, deciduous trees display an astonishing pallet of colours and you can whiteness a whole life and death cycle within a year.

Australian Deciduous Trees

Although there are a few native Australian deciduous trees, there are plenty imported species that thrive even in the harsh Australian climate. Some of the best known Australian deciduous trees are the red cedar (toona cciliata) and the white cedar (melia azedarach). However, if you visit an online nursery, you can find a huge variety of ornamental deciduous trees form all over the world. Some grow tall, some are just tiny shrubs, some have pink flowers, some have white, some have leaves that turn red in autumn, some turn yellow, but the thing they all have in common is that they greatly benefit our lives.

Having trees around makes life a lot more pleasant for us. Nearly all people respond positively in the presence of trees. Just by observing their beauty we feel more serene, restful, tranquil and peaceful. We simply feel at home in a grove of trees. It has been shown that patients in hospital rooms with a view of trees recover more quickly. People have formed strong ties with trees which is most evident in the resistance of residents to removing trees for building sites or to widen streets. Because of their long life, the stature, strength and endurance, they are often planted as living monuments that remind us of someone we love or an important event from our lives.

Threes may be private property, but the sheer size makes them part of the community as well. Since they occupy considerable space, you need to plan carefully before you plant them. Make sure that your neighbors will also benefit from the tree and you won’t be infringing any of their rights and privileges.

City trees have a number of architectural and engineering functions. They are great at providing privacy, emphasize views, reduce glare and reflection, they can direct pedestrian traffic, complement or enhance architecture and so on.

As far as the environmental benefits go, I don’t even know where to start. Threes are able to alter our environment by affecting climate, improving air quality, harboring life, conserving water, affect wind speed and direction, and the list goes on practically forever.

Overall, by planting various trees and shrubs we are moving closer to a more natural and less artificial environment and we are able to restore the harmony of our urban area.