Big Is Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Large Photo Frames

By Maria Rogerson

May 16, 2024House & Garden

Creating a cosy home that feels warm and inviting isn’t that difficult. The right details can make all the difference in the world and turn even the coldest place into the warmest one. And while adding throws, cushions and blankets are just one of the steps that can take you there, don’t forget about the details you can add to the dull walls in your home.

Large frames are the perfect way to jazz up the walls in your home. They are a modern way to display art for sure, however, quite often these days large picture frames are used for displaying family photos as well. Whether you’re looking for some ready-made picture frame or a customised one, nowadays, you can easily find the one/s that will best meet your needs.

Benefits of Adding Them to the Walls in Your Home

large photo frames in a livingroom/dinningroom

Create a Captivating Focal Point

The main reason for the popularity of the stunning large photo frames lies in their ability to become the most dazzling focal point in your home. Whether framing one of your most favourite photos or art, an art piece of this kind will easily become the main focus in the room you plan to add. You can choose form a large selection of sizes, frames, materials and colours which will make it easy for you to find a frame that will meet the room’s particular décor and style.

Jazz Up an Otherwise Empty Space

Being large and eye-catching, these frames can certainly make your home feel cosier. Regardless of the type of art or photo you plan to add to it, a frame of this kind will add character to any space of your home. That being said, you can adorn a hallway, entryway or one of the walls in the dining/living area. Being available in different sizes gives you the chance to either use one or several larger frames that you can mix and match to add more character to the space.

Tie a Room Together

The large photo frames can act as the missing piece of a puzzle in a room and help tie it together. They are perfect for complementing the décor of your home and creating the needed balance. By carefully choosing the frame itself, its size and the type of art/photo you plan to add to it, you’ll be able to achieve the needed balance and add character to the space.

Styling These Pieces of Work

Once you have made your choice and made up your mind about a particular piece and frame, now it’s time to find the right spot for it. Ideally, such images are better to be placed in the centre of empty walls, above a sofa/bedroom bed, above a mantel, etc.

Adorn It with Other Details

In case you think that the frame isn’t enough by itself, you can always make it livelier by hanging several smaller frames around it. If the chosen larger frame contains a family photo, you can always create a gallery wall and hang a bunch of other pictures.

Ideas on What to Frame in Larger Frames

4 large photo frames on a kitchen wall

When it comes to framing, one of the most common things placed in a frame is maps. Framed maps are perfect for creating a modern and vintage touch to your home, instantly turning your place from drab to fab. You can add whatever map you want, however, the historical ones seem to be quite popular these days because they can help you transport yourself to the past and to a whole new world of fantasy.

Frame a Decorative Paper

Who says you should install wallpaper on your wall to make it more appealing?! Nowadays, you can put everything in larger frames and add an instant interest to it. Aside from framing a piece of interesting wallpaper design, you can also frame some interesting wrapping paper without anyone knowing what it is. Handy, right?! Just ensure they match the rest of the room’s design and décor. 

Frame Quotes

If you’re one of those who loves reading inspirational quotes in order to feel motivated, then wall frames are the ideal way to display a favourite quote. This will serve as a constant uplifting reminder that will keep you positive and happy.

Frame Family Fingerprint Art

This is one of the easiest yet most meaningful types of wall art frames that you can add to your home. A fingerprint wall art of this kind will stay as a family keepsake that’ll fill your heart with joy and love. There are tons of lovely family fingerprint designs to choose from, so finding the right design and colours that will meet your needs would be pretty easy.

You can also make your own art by creating a handprint art of all the family members and enjoying the view. For those of you who have little artists at home, you can always make the painting much more personal and meaningful by framing some of their favourite paintings and sketches.