Vinyl Flooring in Hospitals: Tips and Benefits

By Steve George

March 10, 2021Flooring


Hospitals are public places with high foot traffic. Doctors, nurses, patients, wheelchairs constantly move through the corridors. This is why hospital flooring has to be made from the finest materials so that it can withstand the abuse it goes through every single day. Plus, it should be easy to maintain, look decent and feel comfortable to walk on.

So what material would provide a floor like this? Vinyl is one of those materials that tick all the boxes. This flooring solution won’t have to be changed every few years in corridors and rooms as it is sturdy enough to last for centuries. Let’s take a look at its benefits in more depth so that you know what you’re purchasing the next time you buy vinyl flooring online.

Why Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable for Hospitals?

Safe & Comfortable

Even though hospitals may see a lot of people on a daily basis, they should generally have a quiet ambience. Patients are recovering from serious illnesses and injuries and need their peace. Therefore, the floors need to be able to reduce noise. Vinyl floors are great noise insulators and they are perfect for hospital corridors, patient rooms and waiting areas.

Vinyl feels comfortable to walk on. When you’re a doctor or a nurse you spend long hours on your feet, going back and forth and once the shift is over your feet and legs can feel very painful. A comfortable floor is just one way to make things a bit more pleasant and comfortable for medical personnel. Plus, vinyl flooring is slip and fall resistant which is very important in hospitals.


Vinyl Flooring Suitable for Hospitals

Flooring in hospitals should last for a long time. Frequent changes of it might put a dent in the hospital’s budget. The truth of the matter is, vinyl flooring hospital corridors and rooms are especially at risk of damaged floors due to the high foot traffic, wheelchairs, spilling of liquids and so on.
Vinyl is a durable material that can last up to twenty years. It should be properly installed and maintained to ensure a long lifespan. Hospital floors made of vinyl have a clear wear layer that protects the surface from various stains and spills that are common in these places.


A good vinyl flooring for hospitals should be bacteriostatic and fungistatic and should be treated with a solution that will prevent the growth of microorganisms. The vinyl floor should prevent the spread of germs that cause nosocomial infections. Also, this type of flooring is good for air quality. A good vinyl floor with a UV-cured treatment won’t need regular waxing or polishing and can’t be damaged from water and stains. This reduces concerns about the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and the amount of time a patient’s recovery is disrupted due to maintenance. As a water-tight floor, vinyl can stop the growth of mould that can cause respiratory problems in some patients. It’s durable when it comes to heavy static and dynamic loads such as medical equipment and won’t start rolling as carpets do.



Money in hospital budgets must be rationally spent. A hospital can’t afford to renovate or get new flooring every few years. This is why healthcare facilities need flooring that will last for a long time. One of the reasons why vinyl flooring is so popular is because besides it’s an affordable flooring solution it will last for years. Thousands of feet will pass over this floor, many wheels from wheelchairs and hospital beds will roll over it, and many spills of various liquids will splash on it. None of this should affect the flooring. This is why vinyl is the favourite material for this application.


Of course, a hospital should look decent. Vinyl comes in various colours and patterns to create the exact aesthetic a hospital needs. It can help patients and staff find areas easier, especially if they have different coloured vinyl flooring. It can be custom cut in any shape and design so that everyone can find the exact area they’re looking for (this is especially helpful for patients and visitors).

Easy to Maintain

Finally, vinyl flooring hospital solutions shouldn’t require any special maintenance. In areas with high traffic, the last thing that is needed is a janitor waxing the floor. This flooring can be easily cleaned with simple wiping – just use a damp mop.