White Walls & Wall Prints: Our Tips for Merging Art & Scandinavian Interiors

By Maria Rogerson

January 29, 2018Home & Decor

Scandinavian interiors are recognizable by their crisp, white walls, spacious and clean floors and the overall simplicity that pervades throughout the space. A room decorated this way presents the perfect, clutter-free backdrop for some particular artworks to shine. If you think this clashes with the style’s love of minimalism, you are very mistaken. If there’s one interior decorating style that’s not complete without art, it’s Scandinavian.

In the design world, art and Scandinavian style seem to have a kind of symbiotic bond. Many Scandinavian interior designers are inspired by artworks that they incorporate as a final touch, and many artists are inspired by the simplicity and naturalistic appeal of the Scandinavian style. If you’re decorating your interiors the Nordic way, adding a couple of art pieces can give some pep to the otherwise minimalistic look and make it seem more stylish and modern.

Scandinavian Interior
But as far as art paintings are concerned, “affordable” is rarely the adjective you can use to describe them. However, wall prints are also a great artistic medium that has an attractive price range and also comes in various sizes and various styles. Moreover, they are very popular in Scandinavian themed living spaces. From still life and nature scenes to colourful and geometrical pop art, there’s a little something for everyone’s tastes. And thanks to the internet which is a terrific source for everything, you can find genuine wall prints from renowned Scandinavian artists and have them delivered literally to your front door. All to the joy of every lover of Scandinavian throughout Australia.

Scandinavian Interior

As a style that nurtures a connection with nature, there are many Scandinavian wall prints that are botanically inspired. Like for instance, the Floating Leaves collection by Moebe, a Scandinavian design brand known for their intuitive and clever designs. This mesmerizing range uses photographs of plants in various stages of beauty and decay, printed using a special transparent film. Such multidimensional wall art can give the space a sense of depth rarely seen in other printed products. Besides beautifying white, clean walls, transparent prints also look stunning when hanging from the ceiling.