Weddings Call for Romantic Candlelight: Our Tips for Decorating With Candles

By Maria Rogerson

December 23, 2022Blog

Romantic Candlelight on a Wedding Table

Achieving a romantic and warm atmosphere is a crucial component in curating the decor of your wedding reception. To carry this out, lighting is perhaps the most crucial factor. If you don’t think about the lighting that will frame the wedding reception, even if you hire a fantastic florist and have the most beautiful table decorations, the whole ambience can fall short.

Candles are a wonderful complement to wedding decor since they give the space more glitter and attention than it would have without them. Their flickering flames emit a warm, amber tone, and the effect is amplified when there are many of them in the space. A candle-lit wedding is known for romance, tranquilly, and calming spirit. What more could you want for your special day? Here are some tips on how you can give your special day a special sparkle using these lovely decorations.

Create a Stunning Floating Display

Floating Candles as a Wedding Decoration

There are countless varieties of candles you may use to add more beauty to your wedding table setting, including candelabras, pillars, tapers, tea lights, and votives. But using them in conjunction with water, which enhances their romantic glow, will make them truly stand out. Not all candles, however, can float or mix with water. Given that, be sure to buy floating candles from an online wedding supply store or a local shop if you really want to combine fire and water.

These unusual decorations are light enough to float when submerged in the water thanks to their unique design. Votives, pillars, or tea lights could not possibly accomplish this. Additionally, floating candles come in a wide range of hues and scents, making them a stunning sight that appeals to all the senses.

Although a floating display looks amazing and complex, making one is not that difficult. Floating varieties may be put in nearly any water container because of how little they are. Vases, bowls, platters, Martini glasses, and anything else that best fits your wedding’s motif are all options. In addition, you may also add some other beautiful elements to the arrangement, including flowers or fruit.

Make careful to select long-lasting burners whether you buy floating candles from a local retailer or online. You don’t want the passionate glow to fade before your first dance, after all. In light of this, attempt to look for options that can provide a burning time of about 3 to 3.5 hours.

Use Them as Part of Your Aisle Decor

Wedding Aisle Decorated with Candles

The various types to choose from are perfect for decorating your wedding aisle. Whatever you pick, they will definitely steal the spotlight in all the photos. So, make sure you choose something that works for the theme and feel you’re aiming for.

For instance, by using Spanish moss and towering candelabras, you can create a southern-gothic atmosphere for a dramatic result. Decorate a white wedding arch with metallic lanterns for a tropical glam and minimalist sophistication mix, and use the metallic theme throughout the rest of your wedding decorations. For a timeless, exquisite look, add vintage pillars and abstract chandeliers. Choose gold-mirrored stands, delicious scones, and clusters surrounded by petals for a more classic appearance.

If you’re hosting a winter wedding, you’ll adore the look of encasing candles in crystal beading and shimmering to simulate snowfall.

Hang Them Above the Tables

Wedding decoration with hanging candlelight

For an unforgettable reception, you can use hanging candlelight to bathe the table decorations in a dazzling glow. To decorate an industrial-themed venue, hang hurricane candles above all tables and add greenery and flowers. Votives entangled in cascading succulents are the best option for weddings with a garden theme. Lanterns can be used for weddings that are vintage, rustic, country, or woodland-themed. They exude a charming quirkiness. If you want to up the romance, add some moss, tulips, and orchids.

Add Elegant Touches of Colour

Wedding Table Decorated With Candles and Flowers

Wedding centrepieces made of tall candles in various colours can enliven the reception table setting. When coordinated with dinnerware and other centrepieces, they give the table a seasonal and themed coherent look.

Consider using tall candles in blush hues to create a romantic, whimsical, and pastel-inspired tablescape. Neutrals provide the best rustic appeal, while deep green and Burgundy are subtle romantic tones. Choose tall candles in plums, orange, and marigolds if your wedding is in the fall. The most beautiful winter frosted colours are black, dusty blue, and grey. The result is attractive whether you group them or place them randomly throughout the tables.

Pair Them With Flowers

Wedding Table

Display fanciful floral arrangements by suspending them from stately candelabras as they cascade. Candelabras made of flowers can leave an enduring impression. Place them on elevated decorative platforms that are decorated with wreaths and cascading garlands. This creates a fanciful atmosphere ideal for weddings from fairy tales. Place simple votives at varied heights and fresh flower garlands on tables for a fuss-free, natural, and lovely rustic aesthetic.