Wine as a Gift: Tips & Tricks

By Maria Rogerson

May 14, 2015Alcohol

Your loved one’s birthday is nearing and you don’t know what to buy her/him? Here’s an idea, how about a nice bottle of quality red or white wine. And you don’t even have to leave you home. With so many wine online gift options, you can purchase any wine in a matter of minutes. And it will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Whether a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding or engagement celebration or any other special event, wine is always an excellent gift-choice. But do you know how to find a special bottle of wine? No worries, we got you covered. Here are few tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect wine gift.


Bottle (shape & size) Does Matter

Choose a wine with a unique bottle. No matter if you’re browsing wine online gift offers because you need to get a wine for a family dinner at you parents’ house or for your long-time friend’s engagement party, put some efforts into finding red or white wine that comes in a unique bottle design. If you can find a rare, noteworthy or really old wine, even better (but be prepared to pay a high price). Such wine can make the recipient feel very special. The wine doesn’t have to be expensive though, it is the effort that matters.

Match the Food

Make sure you match the wine with the food that is going to be on the table for a more impressive impression. Check the menu in advance to know what sort of wine to buy. Get a wine that pairs well with the main dish or with the dessert. This will surely be a pleasant surprise for the host.

Celebrating Anniversary? Make It Memorable!

Try to choose a wine that you two have been enjoying as a couple, so you can recall a plenty of beautiful memories, while sipping the wine together. If browsing wine online gift offers for the anniversary of close friends, try to remember the wine served at their wedding, or why not get them a wine from the country they spent their honeymoon in.

Make It Personal

The most important thing when giving a bottle of wine as a gift is to make it personal. Think outside the box. Have the recipient in mind and not your personal preferences. After all, the gift is not for you. Think about recipient’s lifestyle, personality, favourite foods and travel interests, and try to match at least few of these with the wine choice. One alternative is to decorate a bottle or a gift bag since presenting it in a good way also matters.