Wood Furniture: Here Are Some Maintenance Tips

By Maria Rogerson

February 7, 2020Furniture

The experience of filling up an interior is both exciting and terrifying at the same time even for individuals who are most confident in their taste. This is so because there are various options of furniture nowadays, and of course when you shop for something like this you have to think of all sorts of aspects, not merely the price and the style, but also quality and durability.

The last two are especially important considering shopping for furniture isn’t something one expects to be doing every couple of years or so. Having all this in mind, it’s easy to see why urban wood furniture happens to be such a trend, having all these properties.

modern wood furniture

What’s more, there are many options of wood that you can choose from, differing in design, mainly thanks to the natural beautiful patterns of wood itself, as well as finishes so you don’t have to worry about getting something everyone else is having, there are unique pieces of tables, bed frames, sofa beds, entertaining units, just what you need to make your home functional and homely, to the point of mixing several wood pieces in different styles.

Yes, that’s the beauty of wood, you have the freedom to mix and match without creating a visual mess. Speaking of homely, it’s exactly what wood provides thanks to its natural appeal, filling up the space with warmth, immediately making it more inviting. Simply said, you get the interior décor of your dreams!

Now, of course to be able to make use of your beautiful urban wood furniture it’s important to take care of it, because even though it’s durable it still needs some occasional maintenance for you to be able to pass it down in the family for generations, and we’re going to share some tips on how to do so. Don’t worry, it’s not that much of a chore!

dark brown sofa bed


While it may seem insignificant, dusting happens to be one of the basic and crucial chores you’d have to do often, as in every day or at least every two days. It may not appear as that important, however dust particles can easily build up on the surface of the wood and end up damaging it by scratching.

When dusting frequently, you don’t allow for a dust layer to form on your precious wooden pieces, and to make sure you do proper maintenance, it’s essential to be mindful of what you dust with, carefully choosing your cleaning supplies. For instance, microfiber is great for this kind of task, but if you aren’t into buying it specifically for dusting, you could repurpose an old cotton T-shirt.

 Minimise the Chances of Damages

Being mindful with your furniture should be considered a no-brainer since many damages can easily be avoided. When you eat at a wood table, it’s easy to forget how hot pots are a threat, and the same goes for glasses and mugs as drinks are another threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly which is why you must use tablecloths, potholders and coasters.

Weather is a culprit that shouldn’t be underestimated either, and that’s why prior to purchasing your furnishings, it’s important to consider where and how you’d place them, trying to keep wood away from direct sunlight and heat. In case you have to place the furniture by the window because of lack of space it’s advisable to have window coverings.

cleaning modern table

Extra Cleaning

There are times when dusting isn’t enough, like when there are fingerprints all over your urban wood furniture, sticky and soiled spots in which case it’s essential to have a mild detergent or even just a mild soap and gently rinse the areas with a soft moist cloth. Sometimes the issue could be even more difficult to clean up, and you may not know how to get fingerprints off wood furniture, so we’ve got you covered.

The first step is to polish the area, and other than having the adequate polish it’s important to keep in mind not to use too much of it. If you feel up for it, you could make your own polish too using oils, mixing a cup of mineral oil with few drops of lemon extract specifically.

After applying it on the wood surface with a soft cloth, gently, apply a bit of corn starch on the same areas and then finish buffing with a dry cloth. This is enough to remove the fingerprints. See, it’s not that much work, is it?


You might be thinking what do modifications have to do with chores, well fact is they can come in handy when you’re trying to hide some wear and tear. While you might cover some abrasions with scratch covers, painting is another solution that also happens to be stylish and comes in handy when you want to add changes in your interior. On the plus side, you won’t even have to do sanding as you would with re-staining.