Yoga Meditation Cushion The Foundation for Proper Alignment and Comfort

By Maria Rogerson

May 20, 2016Health & Beauty Sports

Even if you are new to yoga, you have probably heard about some of the essential yoga props you need to own if you want to become a pro. One of the most important of them all is the meditation cushion. Picking the right yoga meditation cushion is, in fact, the difference between feeling numb while performing a specific yoga pose and practising yoga with pleasure. However, there are some things you need to consider if you want to make the right choice. One thing is for certain, buying quality yoga meditation cushion will provide your body with the needed support, improve your posture and comfort level while meditating or performing yoga asanas. In the light of the fact that every body is different, below I have listed several important things you need to consider before making your purchase.

yoga meditation cushion

Types Of Yoga Cushions

  • Rectangle Pillow – This is the most common type of pillow and it is perfect for everyday use. I is designed mainly for taller people as it will make their everyday yoga and meditation more comfortable especially while sitting or while doing shoulder stands.
  • Round Pleated Pillow – The round pleated pillow is designed for people with average height and average level of flexibility. It can raise your hips and body up to the right position while giving you the proper support.
  • Fortune Cookie – The fortune cookie shaped pillow is great for almost everyone, but surely not for taller people with low flexibility level. This type of pillow will give you the proper alignment and needed comfort while meditating or performing some yoga poses.
  • Large Rectangle Pillow – The large rectangular yoga pillows are not proper for beginners, but for those of you who have spent more time practising yoga and who want only a slight lift.
  • Knee Support Pillow – These types of yoga cushions are perfect for those of you who have problems with your knees and joints as they can give you an extra support to both your knees and ankles.

Yoga & Meditation Posture

There is no doubt that the right yoga meditation posture is the one that won’t put extra strain on your joints and back; the one that is comfortable enough and makes every pose feel natural. Some of the most popular yoga poses are: chair sitting, kneeling, a full lotus, a half lotus and lying of course. There is no doubt that while making a certain your position, having a good foundation for proper alignment and posture is a must, so choosing the right cushion will depend mainly on the type of yoga you practise. Go online, explore all of the options out there and pick the one you think that will support you in all the right places.

Listen to Your Body

Proper posture and comfort are way too related, so if you want to achieve the best comfort you need to relax and listen to your body. The signs of your body will tell you where you need some extra support in order to make your yoga practise even more comfortable and efficient.