10 Fantastic Gift Ideas for the Plant Lovers in Your Life

By Maria Rogerson

April 3, 2023Gifts House & Garden

The good news is that it’s not hard to come up with presents that lovers of plants are guaranteed to like. All the items on this list are sure to be adored by the recipient if they have a deep appreciation for plants and are avid collectors who are always looking for new ways to improve their green garden, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

1. Plants Delivery

plants delivery
source: bobvila.com

If the person you’re getting a gift for is out of town or you live long-distance from each other, there are still ways for you to show how much you care for them with plants delivery in Australia. Sure, there is the risk that you will send them something they already have, but depending on how often you talk to each other you can also simply ask them and then give them a couple of days to forget about the question before you send it.

Trust me, they will be surprised and love the gift even more because of your “thoughtful prying”. In the end, the gesture is what matters, and with timely plants delivery that’s convenient for both of you, there is much to choose from so you’ll probably find something you like.

2. Gardening Knife

Gardening Knife
source: gardenerspath.com

Although weeding is typically one of a gardener’s least favourite chores, this tool will help them get the job done quickly by targeting the weeds’ underlying root systems. Stump and brush removal are two further uses for the blade. This versatile tool has a dual-edged blade with a serrated edge for sawing through heavy vegetation and a precision-ground edge for multifunctional cuts. It is ideal for digging and cutting. For the friend who consistently wins Yard-of-the-Month, this tool is an absolute necessity.

3. Dusting Gloves

Dusting Gloves for plants
source: bloomscape.com

There is an easy fix for indoor plants that tend to attract dust. Give a plant parent who loves to maintain their plants looking their best a pair of these microfiber dusting gloves. Dusting is also great for plants’ ability to absorb sunlight.

4. Special Plant Mister

A humid environment is ideal for many types of houseplants, so a plant mister will keep them content. The important part is to choose one in a design you know your gift receiver will go crazy about. Use what you know about them, if they are more into the whole vintage look, for example, or like a clean, minimalist look, use this knowledge to your advantage.

5. “Swiss Cheese” Plant

"Swiss Cheese" Plant in the living room
source: patchplants.com

The Monstera Deliciosa would be the one and only option of plants for sale I would recommend to buy for a friend who loves tropical plants. As a bonus, it’s also one of the easiest plants to maintain, making it a particular favourite. The leaves perforations give rise to the plant’s common name, and the resulting sun patterns are rather lovely.

The best part about having a Swiss Cheese Plant is how simple it is to care for. It may need some light pruning and trimming, as well as a support stake, and they’ll need to be on the lookout for pests, but other than that, not much maintenance is expected. You only need to water once every two months or so.

6. Aerogarden Sprout

Aerogarden Sprout
source: gladiatorgardens.com

Not everyone has access to the ideal conditions for growing food plants indoors. But, anyone can produce delicious herbs, greens, and even bell peppers thanks to portable hydroponic systems like the Aerogarden sprout.

Your choice of herb, greens, tomato, or flower seed kit is included in the basic sprout package and everything else you need to get started. A seed starting kit can be added to the present to make it more valuable and enable the recipient to start seedlings for springtime outside planting. The sprout is a present that keeps giving since it makes indoor edible gardening simple.

7. Rainwater Urn

Get your gardening and green environment obsessed friend or family member a rainwater barrel to collect all the chlorine-free rainwater for their plants. The rainwater urn has a matte-textured finish, a high-quality spigot, and a 5-foot hose with a shut-off valve. It is made of UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polythene. It’s the ideal luxury present for your favourite plant enthusiast.

8. Self-Watering Planters

Another useful gift for your plant-loving friend who is busy at the office during the day is self-watering planters. The way they work is through sub-irrigation; the self-watering planters provide water straight to the plant’s roots. The plant can drink from the reservoir at its own pace, and the empty reservoir serves as a visual reminder to water the plant.

9. Gardening Under Lights Book

Gardening Under Lights Book
source: amazon.com

Leslie Halleck is a licenced professional horticulturist who can simplify complicated gardening methods into knowledge that is easy to understand. Everything you need to know about growing a garden indoors with artificial lights is included in her book, Gardening Under Lights. Halleck simplifies the science and provides helpful advice on how to effectively grow just about anything indoors.

10. GE Plants Grow Light

GE Plants Grow Light
source: amazon.com

Include GE’s Grow Light in the box if you’re giving Growing Under Lights as a present. Not every space receives the kind of light that is required to maintain a healthy indoor plant. Your indoor plants will thrive under the ideal, high-quality plant light from GE’s full-spectrum grow lamp. The best part is that it fits into most light fittings, so you can keep your plants thriving indoors without buying bulky and not-so-pretty grow lights.