5 Pieces of Furniture That Will Instantly Improve Your Living Room

By Maria Rogerson

August 3, 2022Home & Decor

There is a lot of planning involved in setting up your home-from choosing the colour scheme to selecting the appropriate products and positioning them, there are many things to think about. Every new or experienced homeowner ranks furniture shopping as their number one source of stress. 

While decorating your home is fun, you should think carefully before investing in any furniture. After all, you want your purchases to last for as long as possible. It’s not just about finding the perfect couch or dining table—you also want to make sure that your furniture is comfortable, stylish, and practical.

How Can You Decorate Your Living Room?

There may be no other room in the house that better reflects your style than the living room. It’s the space where you entertain guests, relax after a long day, and spend time with your family. So it makes sense that you want it to be perfect.

Mount a Floating TV Unit

Close-up of tv wall units
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What an efficient work zone does for an office such as an ergonomic set up of the computer and the chairs, that’s what convenient TV wall units are for your living room. Your TV is the main source of entertainment and the centre around which the rest of your living room revolves around pretty much.

The objective is to choose a TV wall unit stand that complements your television as well as the furniture and décor already in your room. While a TV unit that is too large for your television can appear odd, a huge screen on a little TV stand poses a safety danger. Finding a TV stand style that complements the design of your home is equally crucial.

When it comes to the ideal distance between your sofa and armchairs and your television, there is a sweet spot you should aim for. It is advised to watch TV from a distance that is at least 1.5 times your screen size to fully appreciate the screen’s fine details without being aware of individual pixels. 

For example, if you have a 65” TV, it’s best to place your sofa at least 250cm or about 2.5 metres from the TV wall units. Similarly, a 55” television should be placed at least 2 metres away from your furniture, while a 49” or smaller TV is perfect for viewing from 1.5 metres.

In any case, the ideal distance between your television and furniture will also depend on the size of your room and other elements such as windows, doors, and fireplaces. Your TV stand should also have the right amount of storage to accommodate all your entertainment devices such as video game consoles, DVDs, and cables.

Cable management is also a crucial factor, as you don’t want your living room to look like a tangled mess of wires. Look for a unit with built-in cable management features such as recessed shelves and holes for running cables through. If your unit doesn’t have these features, you can always DIY them with a little bit of creativity.

Choose a Comfortable Couch

Organized living room with white couch
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In a medium to large-sized home, a stylish couch or lounger with ample proportions guaranteeing comfort is the ideal choice for a living room. You can choose to add pillows and blankets as accessories. For studio apartments and compact homes, sectional couches are ideal. It is suitable for both formal and casual events despite being compact.

A top-notch suspension is essential to a high-quality sofa’s ability to provide comfort and durability. It makes up the interior of the seating area and, along with the filling for the cushions, determines how comfortable your new piece of furniture is to sit on. Robustness is a crucial consideration when picking your sofa because a decent suspension system must be able to endure the constant impact of someone sitting down for the lifespan of the furniture.

The soft and resilient material that we are accustomed to today was not available to couch craftsmen before the development of latex and polyurethane foams. Combining horsehair or feather-stuffed cushions with coils of metal springs allowed for a certain level of comfort. Since these fillings lacked any innate resistance, the springs beneath them were left to do the job.

Today, thankfully, we have the luxury of naturally durable cushion fillings and more sophisticated suspension systems, which can provide a fine sofa with an extra layer of coziness.

Get a Statement Chair

You need not go past iconic chairs as long-term investments if you’re a design fan. But if you’re keeping an eye on your bank account, a comfortable armchair tucked away in a sunny corner might do the trick.

Choosing an accent chair will depend entirely on the current decor of your room. For instance, if your living room is mostly neutral, consider an accent chair in a brighter colour to liven it up and grab guests’ attention right away. 

Alternatively, select a faux fur chair to soften the effect of the other sofas or armchairs in your room that are made of leather. It’s all about striking a balance that looks aesthetically pleasing but is also practical for your everyday habits.

Of course, if you want to be more daring, pick colours that clash. Choose a bold red accent chair that everyone will notice if you have blue sofas. A stark white armchair will also bring depth and brightness to a room with a dark, neutral colour scheme, such as grey. The best method to entirely change the dynamic of the room is to add pops of colour like green, blue, orange,  pink, and yellow to make it feel inviting and fresh.  

Get Playful with Console Table

A console table also referred to as a couch table, is an accent piece of furniture designed for usage in a living room, family room, or corridor. It is a perfect spot for a vase of flowers, artwork, and other small additions that make a house feel pleasant. 

Pairing the console table with a mirror helps amplify the area, especially in a tiny room or confined hallway. There are many different styles, sizes, heights, and materials available for console tables. 

Choose your console table’s design accordingly. Match it with the existing furniture in the space if you want it to blend in with it. However, pick a console table in a different style or material from the rest of your furniture if you want to make a central focus that is visually appealing. 

Take into account the colour palette of your home. Choose a console table with a light wood finish if the room is small because lighter colours tend to make rooms look bigger.

You should also consider getting a console table with a drawer, open storage, cupboards, or cubbies, especially if it will be placed in a corridor. Providing family members and visitors with a spot to keep keys, gloves, purses, and other items, will improve the operation of your entryway.

Close-up of console table with plants in pots
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Place Some Pots in Your Corners

Certainly plants and pots aren’t technically a piece of furniture but adding real or faux greenery is a stunning way to bring the outside in and compliment the rest of your home decor. Therefore, indoor plants may always give a dash of colour and elegance to the corners of your living room, no matter where you place them. 

You can either gather a collection of small plants or one large plant in a big to go with your corner. For improved aesthetics, using plant supports and holders is a smart idea. Just be sure to conduct your homework on the houseplants that will thrive indoors in your location and consider how much light they receive.