How to Decorate Your Bath: Bathroom Styling Tips and Tricks

By Maria Rogerson

August 8, 2022Home & Decor

If you’re uncertain whether you should go the extra mile when decorating your bathroom, consider it to be much more than just a space you fulfil your basic needs in. The most inspiring bathroom designs offer a haven as well as a place of comfort. Bathrooms are also a great location to retreat to after spending too much time working or completing chores around the house.

Fortunately, there are many creative ways to produce a pleasant aesthetic that suits your style and is respectful of your personal space.

1. Decide on your bathroom’s colour scheme

wall art for bathroom

There are a variety of colours to match your bathroom’s colour scheme, even though white and black bathroom decor is an incredibly straightforward way to decorate this specific room and make the most of your space.

However, it’s crucial to take into account how colour might alter our mood and perception of the area before you pick up that roller and go all Picasso. Soft pinks evoke romantic emotions, while green can offer a calm atmosphere.

Contrary to popular assumptions, small bathrooms can incorporate dark bathroom paint ideas. Regardless of the size of the room, these colours can lend a touch of elegance and style.

2. Invest in a bathroom wall art

If your bathroom has a separate toilet, this is a wonderful place to experiment with nature-inspired art or a collection of smaller framed pieces for a jewel-box effect. Have a double vanity? An elegant piece of bathroom wall art in your favourite style and colour scheme suspended between opposing mirrors creates a chic and unexpected moment.

Paint is a practical and affordable solution that can provide a beautiful background to your bathroom prints and wall art. For a striking effect, choose the prints in colours differing from the wall paint, or for the opposite – a subtle effect, pick our hues that are similar. Think outside of the typical 4-wall layout and use an accent or feature wall to express your creativity with a huge art print. Play with ombre effects, express your taste with stencils, or go industrial with concrete finishing.

Decorating with bathroom tiles is a wise choice for walls that will probably become wet. For a harmonious design, match your tiles to the dominant trend in your bathroom. For a cool ’70s vibe, try employing a mosaic motif in a retro bathroom. Or why not bring back the Roaring Twenties with scalloped tiles with an art deco influence?

3. Consider a bathroom floor renovation

bathroom renovation

Given its high traffic volume, the bathroom floor demands careful consideration when choosing a finish.

For individuals who are decorating a bathroom on a tight budget, imitation flooring, such as laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tile (LVT), is very helpful. Modern styles and finishes are simple to instal and present a solid solution for your bathroom decoration needs.

Genuine wood flooring is a choice that can last a lifetime. You may always add warmth and cosiness with a bathmat or rug if you’re concerned about splinters. Just make sure to smooth it down properly. Additionally, choosing engineered flooring is a wise decision, as should be noted. This is because it is less likely to warp in moist, damp places.

4. Be creative when designing your sink and faucet

Be daring with your sink as an additional luxurious upgrade for your current bathroom or something to think about when designing a new bathroom. Same way with introducing vibrant bathroom wall art you can completely alter the atmosphere of your bathroom by changing the style of your basin and adding a couple of brand-new faucets.

When deciding how to select a bathroom sink, there are several factors to take into account. Before making the financial commitment to purchase, consider the height and style of tap that would work best in your area.

Butler sinks, for instance, can give a room a rustic, country vibe, but since they are so much deeper than other types of basins, they might not be ideal for people with little children. The same argument holds for black sinks as they might be more challenging to clean.

5. Elevate your space with elegant bathroom storage

Finding a bathroom storage solution that is both fashionable and useful can be one of your decorated bathroom’s successful tasks.

It’s crucial to consider the functionality of this fixture and how it works exactly. This applies to everything from bathroom cabinet ideas to elegant ladders that offer height to space and ornately organised shelves.

For instance, homes with small children would never have pricey candles and bathroom accessories within reach of a toddler, and pet owners should certainly cross out the desire for a less-than-perch-friendly ladder off their wish lists.

You already know that cats won’t bat an eye when they use your pricey investment purchases as scratching posts. When looking for bathroom furniture, it’s important to keep this in mind.

6. Choose your window treatments wisely

Bathroom window treatments are a crucial component of bathroom design since they provide a vibrant sensory experience, give people a sense of privacy, control light, provide insulation, and may easily breathe new life into a drab interior design.

Your style, budget, and how private your glass panels are will ultimately determine how you choose to decorate your bathroom with drapes, shades, curtains, or window film.

Peelable window decals are a cost-effective solution for both renters and homeowners, particularly in cases where regular window coverings are impractical, such as a window within a shower.

Shutters create the impression of a beach cabin if you want to give your room a coastal feel. Translucent voile curtains lightly cover a window for a lighter, airier sensation than thick drapes.

Additionally, honeycomb blinds can help you conserve energy and lower your fuel costs if you want to control the temperature in your bathroom. This is a result of their cleverly designed cellular pleated insulation barrier.