Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Women’s Dress Sandals

By Maria Rogerson

August 10, 2022Clothes Fashion Shopping

Are you anticipating any special events in the near future? Or maybe there’s a rigid business attire code at your new job? In either case, dressing in a formal way is essential for upholding a good look. Additionally, it’s crucial to pair that clothing with the appropriate footwear.

When it comes to formal footwear, it’s not unusual to feel absolutely confused. There are probably many questions on your mind like “How high is too high?” or “How much is okay to reveal?”, especially if you’re planning to buy dress sandals. Luckily, we are here to come to your aid. Here are our expert tips for finding the perfect women’s dress sandals.

Find Your Fit

picture of a woman sitting on a concrete stairs wearing white dress and sandals
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You are aware, I’m sure, that the first thing you need to determine before buying a pair of shoes is the size. But did you know that later on in the day, your feet can swell up? Yes, this explains why occasionally shoes that were totally comfortable in the store could feel a touch snug during the event.

Our feet may somewhat swell when our body temperatures are greater than usual, resulting in a swollen foot. Although not everyone may experience this phenomenon to the same degree, it is best to take safety measures. Therefore, it would be best to measure feet or go shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening.

How High Should the Heel Be?

Is there a rule that formal sandals must have heels? Well, no, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing such shoes. However, most formal shoes worn in business environments should have at least a small heel.

On the other hand, you also don’t want them to be excessively high. Dress shoes should only have heels that are no taller than 5cm. Men and women are both affected by this.

However, higher heels may be required with the attire if you’re a woman trying to dress up for a fancy formal affair. In that case, please use caution when choosing your heel. When giving a crucial speech, you don’t want to be in discomfort or have poor posture. In this case, the best heels to wear are those that resemble wedges or are broad. Additionally, avoid wearing heels with a curved or pencil-like shape for extended periods of time.

Choosing the Right Colour

picture of woman sittinh on the ground with a beige background wearing orange dress and blach sandals
source: Weezy on pexels

The best and safest option for footwear for men and women alike are neutral hues like brown, black, and grey. Black, on the other hand, is the most adaptable hue and goes with any coloured ensemble you are wearing. Therefore, if you can only buy one pair, stick to black. Another fantastic primary hue to include in your assortment of formal shoes is brown.

When it comes to women’s dress sandals, however, there’s more leeway in this regard. Nude colours like ivory are preferable when wearing pastel clothing. Silver, cream, blues, and purples are also great options among other colours.

By adding a distinct flash of colour to your feet, you can be a little more imaginative and daring. Sometimes adding patterned shoes—like ones with snake prints—to your formal outfit might give it more personality.

Just be careful that the shoes don’t conflict with the attire. Avoid garish and harsh patterns, as well as neon hues.

Don’t Overlook Comfort

Never give up comfort to appear attractive for a special occasion. Shoes play a relatively big part in the business sphere, where confidence is the best clothing you can wear. On the day of your event, refrain from trying anything that you haven’t worn for quite some time and definitely avoid breaking in just purchased shoes.

Also, consider how much walking you will need to do throughout the event as well. Some companies truly do a terrific job of making fashionable shoes with decent cushioning and support. Some names to keep in mind when shopping are Gabor, Hispanitas, and Suave.

Make sure to stroll around a few times wearing both shoes once you locate a good pair. Additionally, choose shoes that fit perfectly the first time. Don’t be fooled by the “you can stretch them in later” line of argument.

And finally, don’t forget to examine the little things, too, like your flexibility and whether your toes feel constricted.

Final Thoughts

picture of a woman in gray flats standing on dried field
source: Elle Storset on Unsplash

For formal shoes, women have a wide variety of choices. However, having too many options makes it very simple to overindulge. Yes, there can be a pair of shoes that work particularly well with your specific clothing. However, you must consider how appropriate it is for the situation and make wise decisions.

Ballerina shoes or loafers can also be a really excellent formal look for women; you don’t necessarily have to wear ladies dress sandals. In the end, it comes down to the kind of event you’re going to. No one is stopping you if you want to go all out. A beautiful pair of shoes will convey seriousness and professionalism without being overly ostentatious.