Tips for Choosing the Right Men’s Shoes for Different Occasions

By Maria Rogerson

March 18, 2021Blog

We are way past the point where shoes have only one role – to offer protection from the harsh ground. In today’s world, shoes are multifunctional pieces – they are considered an indicator of fashion sense, offer comfort and support when walking and can be your loyal companion in everyday adventures.

Without a doubt, shoes are an important part of men’s style. And although you really love sneakers and would wear them all the time, they are not the best solution for every situation. Like women, men too have plenty of options to choose from.

Sophisticated Footwear for Formal Occasions

What’s the first type of shoes that pops into your head when you hear the words “formal” and “business”? When it comes to men’s footwear, oxfords and loafers are synonymous with classic and formal attire. If you have a special event coming up or you need sleek male business shoes that will leave a good impression on an upcoming interview, oxfords and loafers are certainly the options you can’t go wrong with.

footwear for formal occasions

Oxford shoes trace back their origin to the 19th century. People previously wearing boots all the time got tired of it and decided they need some change. The classic knee-high boot got trimmed down to create the oxoniana (medium-sized boot) which later evolved into what we now know and love – oxford shoe with laces.

High-quality oxford male business shoes are made from premium leather with a customized leather sole and stacked leather heel. They’re handcrafted to fit perfectly. The classic oxford shoe has contemporary twist-and-stitch details that will ensure you look your best. You can find the oxford shoes in black, tan or navy blue. These are the signature dress man business shoes that you can wear at the office or at a special company event.

Loafers on the other hand have a minimalistic, no-lace design and can easily be incorporated into different looks and worn in different seasons. They’re classic slip-on men’s business shoes that are easy to put on, which will really come in handy when you’re in a hurry or running late for work. Loafers are usually made from premium leather and handcrafted. They fit perfectly and are very lightweight and comfortable.

In addition to leather, loafers can also be made from suede. Suede has a softer finish but is not as durable as standard leather loafers. You can find black, dark brown, light brown, grey and navy suede loafers among other colours.

Shoes That’ll Protect Your from the Cold Weather

Boots are the perfect option when it’s cold outside. The diverse range of boots available means you can find the right option for everyday walks in the park or special events and meetings. You can go for a classic Chelsea boot for formal events in the winter or a more rustic hiker and combat boots to complete your everyday street look.

cold wheater shoes

Chelsea boots have a sleek and simple design which makes them a must-have for every stylish man. You can pair Chelsea boots with jeans or even a suit. They’re usually made from leather, handcrafted and have a very durable construction. You can get Chelsea boots in plenty of shades of brown, in black, burgundy, tan or exotic colours (green, yellow, red) if you want to make an impression.

Like I mentioned before, if you want a more casual type of boots, you can get hikers or combat boots. Just because they’re meant for use around harsher terrain doesn’t mean you can’t create stylish outfits with them. Combat boots can be made out of leather too and will make you stand out if you’re aiming for more of a biker style outfit. On the other hand, hiker boots look great when paired with urban and street style outfits. High-quality hiker and combat boots will offer you great ankle support and protection and are some of the best waterproof types you can get.

Your Go-To Shoes for Everyday Outfits

Sneakers are many people’s favourite pair of shoes mainly because they’re the most versatile everyday option. You can see people wearing sneakers in the gym while playing sports, at the market, going out for a walk, on a date, on a birthday and even at a wedding. This is because different brands design and produce different types of sneakers that you can match with any activity and with any outfit. You can wear them with trousers, jeans, a suit, sweatpants and Bermuda shorts. You can pick from high-top sneakers, athletic, skate shoes, slip-on, canvas, leather or mesh.

everyday shoes

Quality sneakers are made from materials that look good but also feel good to walk in. They allow your feet to breathe (especially those that are made out of mesh materials) and leave your feet pain-free even after a long day of walking or standing. Sneakers nowadays are made having comfort and ergonomics in mind, while at the same time following the latest fashion trends when it comes to looks.

Lightweight Options for Warm Summer Days

Espadrilles are the perfect choice for long walks during the hot summer days. They are very light, made from canvas or cotton fabric and a must-have for those casual yet stylish summer outfits consisting of chinos and a polo shirt. They’re believed to have originated in Spain and gained popularity during the 20th century with even famous artists like Picasso and Dali wearing them on the regular.

summer day shoes

Espadrilles are durable and come in many colours, meaning they can be matched easily with anything. Some are even made with two or more types of material (fabric and leather, fabric and suede) which makes them perfect even for formal events.