Men’s Footwear: What are the Best Waterproof Types

By Maria Rogerson

July 2, 2019Fashion

Whether for working in your backyard, hiking or just going to work in wet weather conditions, having the right type of footwear is a must. Generally speaking, the ideal types of shoes for such conditions are the waterproof types of boots, however, there are also some other important things to look for such as the shoe’s quality, fit, rubber sole and internal lining.

One of the most popular and commonly used types of boots for extremely wet and rainy areas are the rain boots. Popular for their fancy look, these boots are made of rubber which makes them waterproof. Their thick and grooved soles can give you a lot of traction especially when walking along slick pavements which can spare you from accidental falls. The most common length is up to the calves.

When living in an area with lots of rainfall, protecting your existent shoes is a must. This can be done with the amazing invention which are overshoes. As the name implies, the purpose of overshoes is to be worn over your regular shoes in order to keep them safe. These types of shoes also have soles which are outfitted with extra traction in order to keep you from sliding on slippery and wet ground.

Tip: When looking for comfort waterproof shoes of this kind, it’s best to take into account all of the options available on the market.

For those of you who are seeking for a waterproof, yet stylish casual type of shoes, rain sneakers are the ideal option. According to fashion designers, when looking for style and comfort waterproof shoes of this kind are the perfect option as they are available in a range of designs, materials and models. Generally speaking, they can be made of sturdy and water-resistant rubber while the upper can be made of leather or from a combination of waterproof leather and mesh webbing. For those who have problems with their feet/legs, there are rain sneakers with a special heel support structure made to support the feet during impact thus reducing the chances of ankle twisting.

When looking for something more elegant and still waterproof, genuine leather chukka boots are the perfect option. Although they are most commonly available in suede, the leather ones or ones that have soles, toes and heels made of waterproof rubber are the ideal ones for rainy weather conditions.