A Few Tips on How to Buy Chairs That Will Define Your Dining Space

By Maria Rogerson

February 19, 2018Furniture

Though the dining room is often overlooked in modern homes, be it out of not having enough space to create one so it’s blended in with the kitchen, or because of not having enough time to actually use the area for what it is intended for. One thing is for sure, the dining room has had a significant part in the home, and will always have, as it doesn’t only serve for breakfast, or dinner, but other occasions as well, like parties and game nights.
Every room has a focal point, and in the case with the dining room it happens to be table set. When buying a table, you know it usually goes with chairs, but you still have the chance to create your own set, choosing your own chairs. And this is what this post is for help you out with the choice of chairs. The first tip would be to buy chairs online. Why online you ask? There is a wide range of options you’d come across, all carefully arranged, with their specifications listed so you’d immediately know their size, height, width.


These specifications are important so you’d be able to make the most of the purchase, and get the right fit. Before you decide to buy chairs online, measure up properly the table height (from the floor to the table top). Taking into account most tables are about 30 inches high, the suitable chairs would be those up to 19/20 inches high (from floor to chair seat). As for width, it’s essential to have enough elbow space between each chair, preferably 6 inches.

Measuring this, along with the width of a chair, would give you an idea to the number of chairs to be added in the dining area. Then again, it also depends on the type of table it is you have; rectangular ones provide more space for chairs (up to 10 or 12), whereas round, and square ones provide less (up to 8 chairs). As soon as you have this covered, it’s time to look into the materials.

Considering it’s an area with food, you might want to get low-maintenance chairs that could easily be cleaned (especially if you have children). If this is the case, you wouldn’t go wrong by picking metal, wood, or acrylic. In case you opt for upholstery, make sure to cover it up with cushions. As for cushions, there are chairs with removable cushions that make the perfect cleaning option as well.