Fusing Functionality and Design – Our Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

By Maria Rogerson

February 27, 2018Furniture

Whether it’s a large yard, a small alfresco, a balcony, or a roof-top terrace – consider yourself lucky if you own an outdoor space. First of all, it enlarges your overall living space, and second, it holds plenty of potential for relaxing, entertaining, and outdoor enjoyment. And when the weather gets warmer, you’ll probably spend more time there than in your living room. Therefore, it’s important to choose quality furniture pieces that will make it as comfortable as an outdoor living room. Here are some tips to help you in your hunt.

designer outdoor furniture2

Buy Off-Season

No, you’re not reading it wrong. Buying outdoor furniture well past its season is like purchasing an expensive bikini in below zero temperatures. It’s not unheard off, and you might get some attractively cheap deals on gorgeous designer pieces that were well out of your budget range. As summer is slowly coming to an end, both online and brick-and-mortar stores offer heavy discounts on their designer outdoor furniture range to make room for the autumn and winter arrivals. If you’ve spent all summer in a weathered and sun-damaged lounge set, now is the perfect time to treat yourself with some affordable luxuries for next spring.

designer outdoor furniture1

Pick Outdoor-friendly Materials

As opposed to indoor furniture, buying outdoor furniture can be a little tricky when it comes to choosing materials. Since these pieces will be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions day in and day out, you need to make a smart decision if you want them to last for more than a season. Plastic is a very popular choice for outdoor furniture since it requires little maintenance and is resistant to moisture and mildew. Plus, it’s affordable and comes in a variety of designs.

But if you’re looking for a more rich look, designer outdoor furniture made out of teak is not only beautiful to look at, but can also last for many years to come. Teak has a high content of natural rubber and oils which serve as a shield against rain, sun damage, rot and insects, ensuring that your furnishings will preserve their beautiful, clean look. If you’re looking for a natural look for a more affordable price, consider wicker furniture which is weather-resistant, doesn’t fade, and requires minimal maintenance. Another long-term solution is steel and wrought-iron furniture. However, make sure to apply some protective finish to prevent rust.

Choose Matching Furniture for a More Attractive Exterior

While most passers-by won’t be able to see what’s in your outdoor space, this area is still on display for everyone to see. But even if you’re not particularly concerned about impressing other people, you’ll still want to make your exterior as inviting as possible for your own enjoyment. So, while you’re trying to decide what kind of material is best for your chairs, take into account how they will match the rest of the yard or balcony, and furniture. For instance, if you already own a wicker table, picking bright red, plastic seating might not be the best choice. Take into account your house’s siding, deck, garden fence and other large exterior elements and make sure to match your styles accordingly as to create a more cohesive setting.