Babolat Tennis Racquets: Play Your Best and Enjoy the Game

By Maria Rogerson

June 27, 2022Sports

Whether you play tennis recreationally or professionally, you must know the importance of choosing the right tennis racquet for your game. The racquet is like an extension of a player’s arm; finding the best one for your skill level and athletic abilities can improve your technique and performance on the court.

With so many reputable tennis brands producing a wide racquet range, choosing the one for you isn’t an easy task at all. Additionally, looking for the perfect combination of feel, power and control can make the job even harder. What are some important things to look for when buying a tennis racquet? What’s more, why are Babolat tennis racquets so popular, and what do they have to offer to every tennis enthusiast?

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Racquet?

babolat tennis racquet


When you’re searching for a tennis racquet online, you’ll come upon many Google questions about the tennis racquet choice of popular tennis players. People are like: what tennis racquet does Roger Federer (or Nadal, or Djokovic) use? This shows that many people’s racquet choice is influenced by the choice of their favourite pro player. And while this is sweet, it just doesn’t seem right. If this is you, the first thing you want to do is skip the racquet of your favourite tennis star.

This is because no matter how hard you try to model-specific techniques, you have your own natural swing style. Trying to imitate the technique of your role model can make you overlook some of the best aspects of your game. With that said, you should go for a racquet that feels best to you on the court. Such a racquet will help you start making points that you normally wouldn’t make. Over time, you’ll start playing like you’re not playing with a racquet at all. That will help you gain confidence and enhance your performance.

What Makes Babolat Tennis Racquets So Popular?

If you’re watching old tennis game videos, you’ll notice many racquets from the leading brands today, but not Babolat. Why is this so? While its founder Pierre Babolat created the first strings out of natural gut in 1875, it wasn’t until 1994 that Babolat shifted its focus from strings to racquets and other sports gear. And it wasn’t until 2000 that they expanded worldwide. Since then, Babolat products have been selling very successful th

Why do people like Babolat racquets? These racquets’ playing characteristics appeal to many players, including many professional players like Rafael Nadal. Their frames are well-researched, designed and developed. They focus on producing racquets that are easily manoeuvred and light. This makes them popular among both powerful, attacking players and beginners.

The Babolat Tennis Racket Range

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Babolat makes three racquet models: Pure Drive, Pure Aero and Pure Strike. Within each model, there are several variations, which can be slightly confusing when you’re looking through their range. We’ve broken it down for you, making it simple and a bit more comprehensive. That way, you can have a clear picture and choose right, especially if you’re a beginner.

Babolat Pure Drive: The Best Racquet for Any Skill Level

What is the most popular Babolat racquet? The Pure Drive is one of the most popular tennis racquets in the world. Both professional and recreational players have loved it since it first came out. It’s the best all-around racquet on the market that generates power for any skill level.

While the power of the Pure Drive appeals to competitive players, it doesn’t compromise much on feel and control. Although not as highly rated as the Pure Strike in terms of control, it offers a great combination of spin and control. The big sweet spot it features helps juniors, beginners and intermediate players to improve their game. And, it’s also lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for double players. So, which Babolat Pure Drive is the best?

These are the different variations of Babolat Pure Drive.

  • Pure Drive 2021: the latest model
  • Pure Drive Tour: heavier, for more stability and power
  • Pure Drive Plus: slightly longer, for more leverage and extra spin
  • Pure Drive VS: smaller head size for extra control
  • Pure Drive Lite: lightweight version for beginners and intermediate players
  • Pure Drive 110: large head size, beginners only

Babolat Pure Aero: For Maximum Spin

This model was made famous by Rafael Nadal. Rafa hits the tennis ball with more spin than anyone in the world, and Pure Aero is designed particularly for that. Great for most skill levels, this racquet has an aerodynamic frame design to cut through the air and increase head speed. The wide frame and open string pattern make this powerful racquet also forgiving. Unlike the Pure Drive, Babolat had to sacrifice control and feel when they designed the Pure Aero to prioritise all that spin and power.

These are the different variations of Babolat Pure Aero.

  • Pure Aero: the latest model
  • Pure Aero Tour: heavier, for more stability and power
  • Pure Aero Plus: longer, for more leverage and extra spin
  • Pure Aero VS: smaller head size for extra control
  • Pure Aero Team: lightweight version, best for beginner to intermediate skill levels
  • Pure Aero Lite: even lighter for beginners

Babolat Pure Strike: The Most Balanced Racquet for More Control

babolat pure strike tennis racquet


Of all Babolat racquets, this is the one that offers the most control. It has a 98-square-inch head and a narrower beam, giving a better feel than Pure Drive and Pure Aero. The Pure Strike range features a technology that absorbs the impact and helps with comfort.

These are the different variations of the Babolat Pure Strike:

  • Pure Strike 16×19: the most popular model, featuring a 98-square-inch head
  • Pure Strike 18×20: dense string pattern, for even more control; used by Domonic Thiem
  • Pure Strike Tour: heavier, for more stability and power
  • Pure Strike 100: larger head size for the bigger sweet spot and extra spin; for intermediate players
  • Pure Strike Team: lighter version for intermediate players
  • Pure Strike EVO: cheaper version, best for beginners