Bathroom Upgrade: Our Tips for a Touch of Luxury

By Maria Rogerson

December 28, 2020House & Garden

Now that bathrooms are considered to be so much more than utilitarian rooms in our homes, as our own personal spas they need all the styling up they can get. This especially comes as essential, given the amount of time we got to spend at home this year due to the ongoing pandemic.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a huge budget to pull off a bathroom transformation that would truly make a difference in your life indoors. The trick lies in getting quality traditional bathroom accessories that are practical and luxurious at the same time. Does the sound of a five-star-hotel-like bathroom seem tempting enough? If you’re wondering how to go about it, hopefully, our tips would be of help in making your bathroom dreams come true!

Towel Rails

Usually, it’s fittings like bathtub, shower cubicle, toilet, and sink that steal all the show, but having in mind beauty is in the details, even accessories like towel racks and rails have their say in the interior decor. Think about it, you use towels every day whenever washing your face in the morning, washing hands, or taking a shower or bath, so it’s only natural to start with a change in something that’s so useful on a daily basis.


Traditional accessories such as towel rails and racks are available in a wide range of designs, so besides choosing their shape and size, it’s advisable to also pay attention to their materials and finish. Forget about plastic if opulence is what you’re after. Leave it to metal to give you an elevated look. For a sophisticated and seamless outcome, it’s recommended to match the metal finish with that of other fittings like a door handle, vanity knobs, as well as shower, bathtub and sink tapware, and other accessories in the example of the toilet paper holders.

In case you wouldn’t mind taking it up a notch, consider introducing a heated towel rail. Besides the extra amount of space it would provide you with for additional towels, you’d love the fact it would double as a heating solution too, one that comes in handy with allowing you to cut down on your carbon footprint as well as electricity bills. As a finishing touch, consider the touch of luxury in the form of outstanding soft and eco-friendly towels, like those from organic bamboo.

Toilet Paper Holders

Same as with the towels, you use toilet paper every single day – well, unless you’re from one of the cultures that waved toilet paper goodbye. Taking their essence into account, you can use their utilitarian role in the bathroom for aesthetic purposes too now that as traditional bathroom accessories you can find them in a vast array of designs.

Basically, your choice comes down to their installation and of course their materials and finishes, from stainless steel, aluminium and solid brass in matte black, copper and chrome finishes. Based on the way you can install them, you can choose from wall-mounted holders, free-standing, suction cups or combined.

The wall-mounted are ideal for any type of bathroom, including the smallest because they don’t take up floor space. What you mightn’t like about them, though, is the lack of flexibility they have which isn’t to say about the free-standing that you can move anywhere you want, anytime you want. The suction cups are great for storage of more than one toilet roll, and they’re a form of free-standing too, whereas the combined are designed as a mixture of the free-standing with suction cups.

Soap Holders


There are two types of people: those who want soap in bars, and those who prefer it in liquid form. There’s the suitable holder for either, the dish and the dispenser, but if you don’t want to fit in any group and wouldn’t mind having both types of the soap, then you should get both types of holders.

Great thing about them is as traditional bath accessories they’re versatile and can be found in different styles so if you aren’t up for a more minimalist model that lacks detailing, ornate designs with plenty of vintage charm could do the trick. Still, if you want to take it up a notch and get the kind of comfort you expect to get at the local spas or hotels, consider getting a bath caddy as a substitute for the holders or as an addition.

Trust us, your baths will become that much more relaxing, and on the plus side, it would provide you with storage for additional essentials, like some snacks, your devices or a brush for your if you’re following the dry brushing tip for body skin care.



Not less important than the other traditional bathroom accessories, the mirror is a piece a bathroom can’t do without. Whether you need it for grooming in the morning, pampering at night, or storage of your toiletries too, you can choose from an array of options at the homeware stores.

To be certain you’ve made the perfect choice, be sure to consider whether you want a framed or frameless style, and if framed what kind of frame style. Moreover, don’t forget to also choose based on your storage need (i.e. do you need a cabinet or not), and whether or not you want it with lighting of its own for an extra dose of cosiness.