Tips for Choosing the Right Crochet Hooks and Accessories

By Maria Rogerson

December 28, 2020Knitting

Crocheting is one of those hobbies that can calm your mind and show you the importance of patience. On top of that, you can actually create something with your hands that you yourself could wear or use it as a unique Christmas gift idea. If you are planning to get into this wonderful hobby, you perhaps wonder what are the best tools for crocheting.

crochet hooks and accessories


Being a beginner may be overwhelming because there are way too many crochet hooks and accessories which you probably have no idea how to use. Crochet hooks have different shapes and sizes, and using different ones will give you a different outcome. Crochet hooks are important assets for developing your crocheting talent and which you will use for a long time, so invest wisely.

Different hooks work differently depending on whether you crochet loosely or tightly. Specific projects also require you to get suitable crochet hooks and accessories. Here’s what you need to consider when buying these crafting tools.

The Structure

A crochet hook has different parts. It’s important to know the different sections so you can choose the one that will work best for your project. From top to bottom, the hook is separated into a head and throat, a shaft, a grip, and a handle. The head catches the yarn – it’s shaped like a hook. On the other hand, the throat is the smooth section below the head that guides the thread into the hook. A narrowed hook has a rounded head that isn’t in line with the rest of the hook, while an inline hook comes with a flatter throat and a pointed hook that’s in line with the rest of the hook.

The shaft is the part below the throat that determines the hook’s size and the size of the finished stitch. Just an example: a J10/6.00mm hook means the shaft is 6mm in diameter. The grip is where your thumb rests when you are crocheting. The handle is the part you hold and needs to offer comfort. Ergonomic hooks provide you with extra comfort. They are improved with the addition of rubber or some other soft material, or the handle is made longer.

various materials of crochet accessories


The Material

There are various materials of crochet accessories that might overwhelm you. Experiment a bit to be able to discover the option that will suit your needs. You can choose from metal, plastic, and bamboo hooks. Aluminium metallic hooks will last forever and they are always available. If you have wrist pain, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, stay away from metal hooks. In this case, it’s best to go for lightweight plastic or bamboo hooks that have rubber handles.

Plastic hooks are budget-friendly and great for beginners who aren’t fond of spending too much on an expensive set of hooks yet. They are lightweight and can be used by people who have wrist pain. Bamboo hooks are bit more expensive but they offer an excellent grip even if you use soft yarn. The material you choose depends mainly on personal preference and the project you want to crochet.

The Size

Many people fear that size is a challenge when buying crochet hooks and accessories, but in fact, it isn’t. Most yarn labels and crochet projects will tell you exactly which hook size you need to use. If you’re using a pattern, it will specify which type of hook you need. Beginner patterns usually use worsted-weight yarn and a size H-8 (5mm) hook. Medium-sized crochet hooks matched with medium yarn are ideal for beginners. As you become better at this, you can experiment. When buying hooks, make sure the packaging shows the letter and number size.

corchet hook sizes


The Brand of Hooks

The quality of hooks mainly depends on the brand. Some brands are famous for making top quality and long-lasting hooks. Ask your friends who are into crocheting what the best models are. Or, you can always research online and find great information. What’s more, choosing a popular brand means that you can easily find accessories that complement the type of hook you have. For instance, brands like Chiaogoo offer sets of a variety of interchangeable tips for their hooks. This way, you will always have the accessories you need for any project.

The Price

You know your budget best. If you’re not sure if crocheting is right for you, the last thing you want is to waste a lot of money on getting all the hooks and accessories available. So, until you get the hang of it, you don’t need to invest in expensive hooks and accessories. But often, crocheting turns into an addictive hobby. Once you do get better and start creating your own things and feel the relaxation that crocheting offers, you wouldn’t want to stop. Look for sales and promotions, and seek stores that offer good prices. After all, you should invest in good hooks, but not for the sake of your monthly budget.