Benefits of LiveTrack GPS Tracking: Our Tips For Ensuring You Always Stay On Track

By Steve George

April 26, 2023Cars

Over the last two decades, GPS navigation has become a key component in everything from air travel to house hunting. Even if you’re looking for 5-star dining in Sydney’s CBD, GPS is what allows a travel app on your smartphone to tell you precisely where you need to go.

That’s why it’s no surprise that when you combine GPS’s pinpointing capability with the widespread coverage of wireless communications, it makes an excellent security shield for cars and trucks. Vehicular theft is an ever-present reality in Australia, and it justifies the kind of subtle oversight and location sensing that GPS has to offer.

One Australian company has taken this real-time positioning benefit to a new level by developing a complete GPS/GLONASS-backed solution specifically for safeguarding personal property. It’s unintrusive proximity monitoring at its finest, and you can control it from your smartphone just as conveniently as any of your travel apps.

Keeping Your Vehicle Secure With LiveTrack GPS Tracking


Let’s be honest: the prospect of having a vehicle stolen is unthinkable. It’s nothing that anyone wants to go through; but if it happens, LiveTrack STEALTH™ GPS trackers for car and truck surveillance are precisely what you need to reclaim your personal property.

With a SIM card equipped LiveTrack STEALTH GPS car tracking device discreetly installed in your vehicle, you have instant tracking and movement information at all times through the Android- and iOS-compatible iCar® mobile app. The STEALTH GPS wires conveniently into your vehicle’s 6V-36V power, won’t interfere with onboard OBD2 diagnostics, and is equipped with a G-Sensor which sends an immediate notification to your smart device when any of the following situations occur:

· Your vehicle travels outside of a specified geographic area;

· There’s motion detected inside the preset geo-fence perimeter around your vehicle; or,

· Your vehicle receives a jar or impact that could be considered as an attempted break-in.

With Google Maps access through your smart device, LiveTrack STEALTH GPS car trackers make it possible for you to provide law enforcement with the reliable, real-time information they need to successfully recover your vehicle, and to quickly apprehend the perpetrator. It’s the added layer of assurance that you need to know that your personal property is secure at all times, while also helping to thwart the evolving trend of vehicle theft.

GPS Monitoring Keeps Your Family and Employees Safe


Although vehicle tracking devices are the ideal response to theft and intrusion, the STEALTH GPS is equally effective at letting you stay abreast of family members’ whereabouts whenever they’re travelling or off-roading. The iCar app’s nationwide coverage allows you to:

· Know the exact location of family members whenever they’re on the road;

· Give family members visibility to your exact location whenever you’re off-roading; and,

· Keep an eye on new and provisional drivers whenever they’re travelling.

Once a vehicle’s movements have been pinned with the iCar app, the STEALTH GPS car tracker can even provide a 7-day profile of the vehicle’s activities, including:

· The maximum speed it reached;

· The times the vehicle was in motion; and,

· The locations it visited.

This is especially useful for private vehicle owners who are working through incident reports or insurance claims, as well as corporate vehicle owners who want to know where their automotive assets are at all times, and that their drivers are safe.

Taking GPS Tracking Anywhere You Go With a NOMAD


The flexibility of LiveTrack GPS locating devices doesn’t stop with just vehicles, and their portable NOMAD™ GPS tracker proves it. The NOMAD is a rugged, IP67-rated device that fits perfectly into any backpack, tackle box, or cargo pocket, and makes an ideal travel mate for:

· Camping or hiking excursions;

· Cycling or dirt biking; or,

· As an alternate GPS vehicle tracker that can be moved between your caravan, trailer, or boat.

With the SIM card installed, the lightweight NOMAD weighs only 93gr, and operates off of a 3.7V +1000mAh USB-rechargeable lithium battery that only takes an hour to recharge. And like the STEALTH, the NOMAD is a live GPS tracker that boasts impeccable movement and proximity detection capabilities to alert you whenever the article that the device is attached to is being tampered with.

The NOMAD is also compatible with the iCar app, making it easy to track the location of campers and hikers anywhere they go. It even features an SOS button for live GPS location tracking in case of an emergency, with a transmission of up to two weeks.

Keeping Tabs on Your Dog

Regardless of whether it’s a beloved family pet or a trusted livestock guardian, you want to know where your dog is at all times. That’s why LiveTrack developed the MINI™ GPS tracker device for dedicated dog owners who don’t want their canine companions getting lost or running off.

The ultra-lightweight MINI only weighs 33gr with the SIM card, and draws power from a 3.7V, +500mAh lithium battery that can be fully charged in an hour. These GPS tracker devices are also IP67 rated and designed to transmit continuously for up to 4 days.

MINIs measure only (L) 48mm x (W) 19.5mm x (H) 38mm, making them the ideal size for pet collars or belts, and owners only need to download the iPet® app to locate their dogs anywhere through Google Maps. You’ll enjoy the same level of real-time visibility to your pet’s location as you do for your car or truck, without needing to wonder what condition they’re in when they’re out of sight.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, whether it’s about protecting your car or truck from would-be perpetrators, or knowing the location of loved ones when they’re trekking through the bush, GPS technology is an invaluable security tool. It’s one of the most extraordinary innovations of all time, and it’s perfect for addressing one of society’s most basic requirements.

LiveTrack’s lineup of GPS trackers for car surveillance, and portable and pet protection, will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your personal property is secure at all times. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your pets to safeguard them as best you can, and LiveTrack has all the devices you need to do it.