Bodum Kettle: Use, Safety & Care Tips

By Maria Rogerson

March 6, 2015Kitchenware

Although bringing water to a boil may seem simple, it is a little more complex than you think. For example, Is there a way to do it by using less energy?; Or is there a quick and safe way to boil water? The answer to both question is yes, there is. How? With a Bodum kettle.

Designed to rapidly boil water and save on energy, a Bodum kettle makes the ideal appliance for heating water for coffee, tea, instant soups, etc. So, whether you are a tea lover or a coffee enthusiast, it is your must-have small kitchen appliance. For Bodum kettle use, safety & care tips, read on.



  • Remove the kettle from the base.
  • Open the lid, fill with water and close it again.
  • To prevent boiling water coming out the spout, do not exceed the MAX mark.
  • Once the kettle is filled, place it on the base unit and ensure that it is seated correctly.
  • Connect the main plug to the power supply and turn the ON/OFF switch on the ON position.
  • Because the Bodum kettle has an automatic ON/OFF switch, it will turn off automatically once the water reaches the boiling point.


Like with any other small appliance, a Bodum kettle includes some basic safety precautions that should be followed.

  • Before operating the kettle for the first time, it is important to read all the instructions.
  • Never place the kettle in a oven, on or near an electric or gas burner.
  • Never touch the appliance or the main cable with wet hands.
  • Use only the handle to pick up the kettle.
  • Do not fill the kettle with water when placed on the base unit.
  • Do not exceed the limit mark when filling the kettle.
  • Move the kettle with extreme care when full with hot water and make sure you pour out boiling water slowly and carefully.
  • Always switch off the main power supply when the appliance is not in use.
  • Any servicing should be performed only by an authorized service representative.


In order to keep your Bodum kettle operating in top condition, proper care and maintenance is needed. In some cases, improper care can void the warranty and even cause unnecessary expenses.

  • Clean the kettle before using it for the first time. Fill the kettle with water to the MAX line, boil it and then discharge it.
  • To prevent any damage, use a damp cloth to clean the kettle.
  • Clean the filter regularly by using a soft brush to gently brush the filter under running water.
  • Remove scale by using a special product suitable for plastic kettles;
  • Never use chemicals, steel wool or abrasives agents to clean the exterior of the kettle.
  • Never immerse the kettle in water.