Our Wine Buying Tips

By Maria Rogerson

March 6, 2015Alcohol Food & Drink Shopping

Buying wine sounds simple, right? You enter the store, grab a bottle, pay for it, and you’re good to go. Right? Not really. The real deal is how you can get better at wine shopping. Our goal is to help you get the best possible wine for the hard earned money you spend and also the most delicious one to enjoy. Got interest? Read our wine buying tips.


Don’t Be Ashamed to Tell What Your Ideal Price Range Is

Feel free to tell the sales person how much you’d like to spend on a bottle of wine. Let him/her know your ideal price range to be able to recommend the right wine. If this is too embarrassing for you, buy wine online. There are numerous online wine shops where you can filter your search by price, variety, region, year, brand and vintage. Although it may be hard to find a bottle of very good wine in the $10 price range, your chances are higher if comfortable with the $15 to $20 price range.

Bring a Photo With You

Do not take the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ for granted. Instead, bring a photo with you. According to liquor store owners, customers who bring a picture of a wine they’ve tried and liked, are the easiest to help. And even if the store does not carry that particular wine variety and/or brand, a photo will help them offer something similar, whether it is a different wine from the same winemaker, or the same growing region, or the same grape variety, or all three.

Know Your Dinner Menu

While some wines are good, and others are great, many are perfect for almost any occasion. A good way to find the perfect match for your romantic dinner is knowing what you plan to serve with the wine. Plan menu before you wine shop. This way you can choose the wine that pairs best with your planned dish.

Choose Your Favorite Shop and Get to Know the People There

There is a chance you’ll find great deals in bigger liquor stores. But you will be surprised how you can get something incredible and at affordable price if you visit smaller wine shops. You may find looking for the best store in you area overwhelming, but believe it is worth it.

Shop Online

If you have never bough a wine online is good for you to know that you are missing the most amazing deals on high quality wines. Keeping your options limited to local stores in your area, can lead you to miss out on unique online deals that are in most cases real bargains. Online wine shops not only offer a wider variety of wines to choose from, but also the convenience to shop for your favourite wine from the comfort of your home. Simplified payment options and having wine delivered right to your door are another advantages of online wine shopping. In addition online wine shopping will give you the chance to learn more about wines. Most online wine sellers provide information on how to select the right wine for any occasion, storing tips and also the amazing benefits of wines.