Buying in Bulk: Our Tips to Make the Most of It

By Maria Rogerson

September 25, 2019Shopping

While there are people who are crazy about shopping, there are those of us who simply don’t enjoy it, not even the thought of it. If you’re part of the latter, a nice strategy to make it more comfortable of an experience plus get to cut down on expenses in the long run is to opt for buying in bulk.

Buying in Bulk

Think about it, instead of spending more money on buying items individually and spending time as well in buying more often, you’d be able to use both your money and time prudently. Anything can be bought in bulk, from food to clothing, hygiene products, accessories and all sorts of homewares and it turns even greater of a deal when you reap the benefits of bulk order from online stores as it means you don’t have to bother dressing up to take a trip to the nearest store to check the options.

The financial and time saving sides aside, this solution is advisable for anyone eco-aware wanting to contribute less to the harm of the environment with the shopping decisions. This is possible because you’d be able to cut down on and manage waste better as you buy the exact quantity you need.

bulk buy

Further there’s also less packaging waste, less plastic wrapping as well as transportation which results in lesser CO2 emissions altogether and here you have a reason more in favour of this kind of shopping, especially if you’re planning on making your lifestyle sustainable.

All this being said, you could still go through some disadvantages though and end up overspending by overstocking which is why we have some tips for you in the hope to help you out make the most of the experience.

Make Your Shopping List

The best way to avoid overspending is to make up a list of the things you really need to bulk order. This would be useful when checking the prices of individual items, then the offer of the same items in bulk and you can’t forget to calculate to see whether you’d be in an economical advantage or not.

Moreover, be sure to choose your items carefully, preferably by checking their shelf-life and opting for more non-perishable products. This tip serves for being mindful with your shopping also and when you turn into a mindful shopper there’s less room for mistakes to happen like unpredicted costs. A bit of planning goes a long way!

Prepare Your Home

Somewhat similar to the preparation of the shopping list, the preparation of your home for bulk products would show you if you have the storage space necessary for this kind of purchase and stop you from hoarding on items you don’t really need in the first place.

Establish a Routine

Staying organised is everything which goes to show why you require a set routine instead of only doing bulk order on an impulse and ending up overstocking more often than not. A good way of doing so is by ordering your next refill when and only when you truly need it and you’d accomplish it when you remember to keep your stock in check regularly.

Find Your Bulk Partner

If you want to make use of such an opportunity yet lack the space or won’t use that many items as available per bulk offer, it’s advisable to find someone who is willing to pair up for the purchase, it could be a family member, a friend or a neighbour, anyone sharing this interest with you. Why use only 50% when you can share, right? Sharing is caring!

Trial Period

As appealing as it might sound to start buying only like this and end your old shopping habits, it’s best to give yourself the time to experiment first and then see how it goes, whether you prefer it more and whether it works for you and your household.

Unique Items

You might be afraid of trying out new things, especially when it comes to this shopping option however it’s true you can find a great deal of unique items you didn’t even know were available at such stores.

To make the most of them and win over the fear of making a huge mistake, our tip is to just go for it even if it’s something new for you, and if you end up not liking it you could always turn it into your stack of presents. This is great for anyone who doesn’t enjoy shopping for presents.

Look for Quality

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean you should ever overlook quality, and this goes both for shopping at brick-and-mortar and online stores. While it might seem more of a challenge to check when purchasing on the internet, all you have to do is look up the info of each and every product you intend to buy down to the last detail to get to know about the materials and components, for example.