The Future of Retail – Our Tips for Buying Soft and Eco-Friendly Towels

By Maria Rogerson

September 26, 2019Health & Beauty

As we are becoming more environmentally conscious, most of us as consumers are trying to figure out how to contribute to the green fight and save our planet. It seems that most of our efforts are inconsequential and a mere drop in the ocean, however, I do not want to get discouraged. Although governments and big companies can make a bigger difference, we can also contribute to an eco-friendlier society. When I was looking up ways in which I can be more zero-waste, I found out that the textile or fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the pollution of the planet. I am still not able to stop using fabrics completely, however, I can choose to use materials which are more sustainable.

So, I started with my favorite part of our home – the bathroom. When I was researching the most sustainable fabrics in order to not feel so guilty when replacing my tatty bathroom towels, I came across some interesting ideas. Most of the results were organic fabrics, but the one that stood out most was bamboo. So, I figured, why not purchase bamboo towels? Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there and it seems that it will definitely become a part of the fashion industry in the near future.

With more pros than cons, here are some of the reasons that make this material a green fabric and have helped me decide to replace my old towels with bamboo ones.

It is sustainable.

Bamboo can be grown almost anywhere – in a tropical and temperate environment. It requires almost no irrigation and it also thrives on rain, whereas cotton farmers need around 2700 liters for a single cotton T-shirt! Bamboo also has antibacterial properties, so it does not have to be treated with pesticides and other chemicals. Once it is planted, it can take up to 5 years to fully grow, and it can then be harvested. And the fact that it is easy to grow, means we can lessen the negative impacts caused by deforestation.

It is durable.

Bamboo is even used for producing surfboards! We have seen a lot of houses, fences, and furniture built from bamboo. A bamboo house is as durable as a wooden house, perhaps even more so. In areas prone to earthquakes, it is used as a building material that’s considered to be earthquake-resistant. And, if it is a material good enough for surfers, then your bamboo towels will surely sustain the wear and tear from daily usage.

It produces more oxygen than trees.

It is said that bamboo produces 30 percent more oxygen compared to trees and that it also absorbs carbon dioxide. Who knew that owning a couple of nice bathroom bamboo towels will help with reducing greenhouse effect gases?

It is anti-bacterial.

It has a natural component called Kun, which gives bamboo its antibacterial and antifungal properties. What this means is that bamboo eliminates most of the bacteria that try to grow on it. You don’t want them to make a home in your wet towels! And this makes it the perfect fabric to have on your skin, as there is almost no risk for infection. It is a safe fabric for babies and people with sensitive skin.

It is breathable and deodorizing.

Bamboo has natural deodorizing properties, which means that there is no need to use any chemical scents. Other bamboo products which I recommend are bamboo socks and underwear. The fabric is breathable and it doesn’t stick to the skin.

It is moisture-wicking.

A moisture-wicking fabric is a fabric that absorbs moisture, which then evaporates into the air. This means that the wet fabric won’t stick to the skin making you feel uncomfortable.

It is thermoregulating.

When a fabric is thermoregulating, it means that it keeps you warm when it is cold outside, and it keeps you cool in warm temperatures.

It is hypoallergenic.

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, then bamboo is your ally! Due to the fact that it is grown organically with the least amount of chemicals, bamboo is truly a hypoallergenic fabric. I use a bathroom towel to dry my face and as I am really careful about what I put on my skin this was one of my deciding factors for purchasing.

It is soft.

Do you ever get that feeling like you are drying your skin off with sandpaper? Sometimes when I am patting my face and skin dry, I can feel micro-tears forming on my face. Perhaps I am being overdramatic, however, I know that scrubbing your face damages the skin. Bamboo fabrics feel so soft and smooth on the skin, like using expensive silk towels. Soft bamboo towels, on the other hand, are a luxury I can afford.

It is UV resistant.

They say that the best sun protection on the beach is achieved by covering up and using sunscreen. However, most of the sunscreen I buy needs to be reapplied after swimming. Naturally, I don’t apply sunscreen before I dry off, I just sit in a towel on the beach. Having a bamboo beach towel wrapped around me while drying off means that I am safe from those harmful UV rays which damage our skin.