Cleanliness Is Key: Our Tips for Choosing Commercial Floor Scrubbers

By Steve George

June 20, 2024Industrial Equipment

Maintaining a clean and well-organized workspace is crucial for any type of business. A spotless facility improves the perception of your company and can protect both your clients and staff. However, cleaning a large commercial object might take a lot of time, which could result in shortcuts. And that’s when an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper comes into play.

Using these advanced machines will enable your staff to efficiently and swiftly maintain the cleanliness of your premises. The addition of an industrial scrubber can also help your business improve its safety and lower its costs. However, picking the right type for your needs can be a daunting task due to the so many options available. 

When in Doubt, Pick Tennant


When on the hunt for the best options available, well-designed and user-friendly Tennant scrubbers are the hardest to beat in terms of efficiency and durability. These are designed with squeegee systems that collect the water that was used to clean, leaving a clean and dry floor.

It is critical to take all reasonable precautions to shield personnel from pathogens, especially in light of the increased global attention on health in recent years. The floor’s filth and grime are placed into a mop bucket for cleaning. Even while the cleaned surface might look nicer, it might not be safe since each time the mop is dipped into the bucket bacteria from the floor is transferred into the water. But that’s not the case with Tennant floor scrubbers as they are made to destroy germs and can only be cleaned with fresh water. They will shield your employees from dangerous microorganisms while leaving your flooring in excellent condition.

One of the most important aspects to take into account when getting your Tennant floor scrubber is the type of brush. For better cleaning, look for disc brushes with grit and debris-filled drain holes to shield the drive plug and disc brush hairs that are almost exactly perpendicular to the cleaning surface. Disc brushes from Tenant allow cleaning solution to circulate throughout the brush’s working surface by passing it through holes in the brush drive adapter and machine drive plug.

By using circular, flared Tennant side brushes, on the other hand, you will be able to reach into corners and around edges, dragging debris in front of the sweeper to be picked up by the main brush. Tennant scrubbers employ a particular flare angle that maximises reach while maintaining stiffness.

Cylinder Brushes, which are produced by the strictest industry criteria for straightness, roundness, wall thickness, and fit, guarantee smooth operation and reduce excessive machine wear. Tennant uses maximum bristle length for extended wear, secures each bristle, and produces cylindrical brush tubes with an extruded spline drive for the greatest fit.

Consider Different Types

One of the most important considerations to take into account is the type of scrubber you will need. Fortunately, there is a wide range of options available, so you will have no difficulties finding the right one.

Traditionally, a single disc scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine is a simple corded device with a low-speed scrub head that can hold a brush or cleaning pad and a high torque motor. These machines may or may not come with a clean water tank, but a recovery tank or suction system for collecting the slurry is typically not included.

The dual cylindrical scrubber features two cylindrical brushes that, in the case of the Duplex machine, rotate in opposition to one another. To ensure that a surface is fully cleaned on all sides as they pass over it, the brushes spin in the opposite direction of one another.

Ride-on scrubbers perform all of the aforementioned functions, and they also let the user operate them by sitting or standing on them. These devices, which often have much larger tanks than other scrubber dryers, are used to clean expansive floors in places like retail malls, airports, hospitals, and recreation centres, among other places.

Walk-behind scrubbers are operated by an operator who “walks behind” the machine, and they will clean and dry your floors. Although they can also be purchased with an electric cord, these machines are often battery-operated.

Check the Capacity


Consider the length of time the floor scrubber will run as well as the difficulty of the task. Since a corded machine can only reach a certain distance due to the presence of a power outlet, a battery-operated gadget would cover a larger area. It is essential to confirm the manufacturer’s instructions before using an extension cable.

To minimise or eliminate the requirement for mid-job refills, you should opt for a larger tank. Even though it may increase the overall weight of the device, it will save time and effort in the long run.

Additionally, you should examine the machine’s dimensions to ensure it’s easy to move it around. The last thing you want is floor sweeper equipment that travels through your aisles. To get the necessary power capacity for the floor, compare the options.

Keep the Floor Area in Mind

When choosing the right model, it’s crucial to take the size of the floor you have to clean every day into mind. Larger battery-operated walk-behind or ride-on devices are typically better suited for larger areas. Smaller rooms, such as kitchens and ensuite bathrooms, are ideal for smaller corded appliances.

The type of floor is something else to think about. For example, a disc machine and a brush or pad work best for cleaning smooth floor surfaces. A cylindrical brush floor scrubber typically performs noticeably better when cleaning uneven or “profiled” floors.