Essential Car Gear for Safe and Comfortable Travel with Your Dog

By Maria Rogerson

June 13, 2024Pets

A well-equipped car is the key to a smooth and enjoyable road trip for both you and your furry companion. By prioritising your dog’s safety and comfort with the right travel gear, you can minimise stress and maximise happy memories. From secure restraints to comfy dog booster car seats and essential cleaning supplies, being prepared ensures a comfortable and safe journey for everyone.

Comfort & Convenience

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat - K00044

Travelling with your furry friend can be an amazing experience, but ensuring their safety and comfort is crucial. Purchasing a secure dog booster seat in Australia, in-store or online, is a game-changer for car journeys with smaller dogs. These elevated seats provide a safe and secure spot for your pup to enjoy the ride. 

They typically perch on the car seat or floorboard, offering a clear view out the window, reducing feelings of confinement and anxiety. This elevated position can also be calming for nervous pups, allowing them to observe their surroundings without feeling overwhelmed. Safety is paramount. An average dog booster seat in Australia comes equipped with harnesses or tethers that attach to your car’s seatbelt, preventing your dog from roaming freely in the car. 

This protects them in case of sudden stops or accidents and keeps you focused on the road without worrying about your furry copilot underfoot. Beyond safety, booster seats for dogs offer a range of benefits. The elevated position allows for better ventilation for short-legged breeds. Some seats even come with built-in storage compartments for treats, leashes, or waste bags, keeping your car organised. 

For smaller dogs who might struggle to see out the window, a safety car seat for dogs provides a much-needed confidence boost. The ability to see their surroundings can alleviate car sickness and make the journey more enjoyable for them. So, whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or a quick trip to the vet, a dog booster seat can transform car rides for you and your pup. It offers a safe, comfortable, and enriching experience, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Hydration & Snacks

Ensure your pup stays hydrated and fed with travel bowls and a water dispenser. These portable options are perfect for keeping them refreshed on long trips. Choose bowls from a sturdy, spill-proof material like silicone or stainless steel. A water dispenser that attaches to the car’s cup holder allows for easy access to fresh water throughout the journey.

Beat the Heat

PetSafe Happy Ride Safety Seat

Travelling during hot weather requires extra precautions to keep your dog cool. A cooling mat or bed will help regulate your dog’s body temperature and prevent them from overheating. These mats often use activated gel technology or a self-cooling fabric to absorb and dissipate heat, keeping your pup comfortable even on the hottest days.

Familiar Friends

Familiar items like favourite toys and calming aids can provide comfort and reduce anxiety for your dog during car rides. The scent of their favourite blanket or a well-loved squeaky toy can offer a sense of security and familiarity in an unfamiliar environment. Bringing along calming aids like pheromone sprays or calming vests can also help ease your dog’s stress on the road.

Pack Smart

A leak-proof travel bag is a lifesaver! Store leashes, waste bags, food, bowls, and other travel essentials all in one convenient place. This keeps the car organised and prevents loose items from rolling around and becoming a hazard. Look for a bag with compartments and pockets to help you stay organised and easily find what you need.

Securing Your Pup

KONG Secure Booster Seat

Just like buckling up yourself, securing your dog during car journeys is paramount. Sudden stops or accidents can happen in an instant, and proper restraints can make all the difference in keeping your furry friend safe. Focus on:

  • Harnesses with Car Seat Attachments: These harnesses are specifically designed for car travel and feature an attachment point that connects directly to your car’s seatbelt system. This combination offers both security and comfort for your dog, allowing them some movement while keeping them safely restrained.
  • Dog Crates: For anxious pups, a familiar and secure crate can be a haven during car rides. Crates provide a den-like environment that can help reduce anxiety and motion sickness. However, it’s important to choose a crate that is the right size for your dog, allowing them to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Secure the crate to the car using straps or tethers to prevent it from shifting during travel.
  • Seatbelts Specifically Designed for Dogs: These specialised seatbelts clip directly to your car’s existing seatbelt system and attach to a harness worn by your dog. They offer a good balance of restraint and freedom of movement, allowing your dog to sit, stand, or lie down comfortably while remaining secure.

Keeping Your Car Clean

Kurgo Rover Booster Seat Black/Hampton Sand - K01144

Let’s face it, even the best-behaved pups can leave a trail of fur and muddy paw prints. Seat covers act as a barrier between your dog and your car’s upholstery. Choose waterproof and machine-washable options for easy cleaning after messy journeys. Look for covers with features like hammock styles that protect the backseat and floor, or bucket seat covers for individual seats.

A good lint roller is a lifesaver for removing fur from upholstery and carpeted areas. Invest in a handheld car vacuum cleaner for tackling embedded fur and dirt, especially from those hard-to-reach crevices. Accidents happen, even on the best road trips. Having a pet-safe stain and odour remover on hand allows you to deal with any mishaps quickly and effectively. 

Choose an enzyme-based cleaner that breaks down organic matter and eliminates lingering odours. Responsible pet ownership is essential, especially on the go. Always carry a roll of disposable waste bags to clean up after your dog during walks or pit stops. Look for biodegradable options that are gentle on the environment.