Colourise Your Kids’ Rooms with Art Prints

By Maria Rogerson

February 25, 2021Home & Decor

Kids' room art prints


When it comes to designing a children’s room, there are a couple of essentials that shouldn’t be committed, especially if we’re talking about a shared kids room. Workspace for two, bunk beds, different toys and of course personalised art prints. While the choice for workspaces and bunk beds is not that huge, you can let your children show off their personality through the choice of kids art prints. There are quite a few options available on the market, which means you can let your little ones choose their favourites.

Things to Consider When Choosing Art Prints for Your Kids’ Room

Kids art prints


Let Them Choose Their Art

Don’t be that kind of parent who just doesn’t grant any wish of his children. When it comes to choosing the details that will adorn their room, let them pick kids art prints according to their personal taste. Put yourself in their place and think of the many posters you’ve had on the walls in your room. In fact, this was our way to add colour and jazz up the dull blank walls, but these days everything’s changed. Nowadays, your children have the chance to choose from a large selection of kids prints ranging in style. Nursery, animal, portraits, abstract, tropical, botanical, floral, watercolour and typography are some of the many kids wall art styles. Let them choose from the many textures, shape and colour combos, and let their personality shine in their art choices.

Make Your Own Suggestions

If you see that your children are stuck and can’t decide what to include in their wall art gallery, give them a hand. They would love the idea of someone putting an end to their ‘pain’. Well, it really is understandable since the choice of kids wall print is huge. You can suggest of mix and matching different kids art prints in different sizes, since that way you can add dimension and make the art wall more appealing. You can even add some of their own paintings to help them make their room more personal. If they don’t have any, encourage them to make their own watercolour paintings and match them with the chosen ready-made art prints.

Measure Before Buying

Whether buying only one art for each of your children, or you are going to loosen the purse strings and pamper them with several art prints, measuring the wall space is crucial. In a smaller room, a large art print can make the room feel bigger. However, since this is a shared kids room we are talking about, let your children choose two larger pieces and position them symmetrically, depending on the wall/s. Arts are designed to jazz up the room without being too much, so make sure you stick to this rule. If hanging them above their workspace area, allow for 15 – 20cm above the top edge of it. If possible, you can try and match both of your kids art prints, even if it’s just the colour. That way, you’ll be able to mix totally different styles that match by colour. The end result would be fun yet fascinating.

Choose the Right Frame

Generally speaking, black and white frames will never go out of style. They are the most neutral and appealing frames that have been used for quite long, and they are here to stay. However, you won’t go wrong if you happen to choose gold and silver frames. Nowadays, they are considered extremely stylish, just like the old-fashioned timber frames which have been used since ever. Now, if your children have set their eyes on black frames, make sure that they will go with the colour of the floor. While timber frames can go mainly with any type of floor colour, interior designers say that dark mahogany frames won’t look great in a house with light timber floors. So, if possible, before choosing the frame, make that suggestion to your children. Who knows, maybe they’ll listen to you, and if not, it’s not the end of the world. They’ll have plenty of chances over the years to make up their minds and learn from their ‘mistakes’.

Layer Them

While wall art layering is amazing, you can also let your children choose smaller art pieces and layer them on their bookshelves. Layering art in different sizes and in different styles will only add interest to the room while making them feel like they have achieved the biggest success in adding the final touches in their room. That way, they will help the eyes rest for a moment and reflect on the art by breaking up the bookshelves’ dullness. Can you imagine seeing your children peacefully organizing their staff without fighting at all?! You, can’t right?! Well, let them make their own choices and see how the impossible becomes possible.