Design Tips: Choosing the Perfect Bedside Table Is Sure to Inspire Sweet Dreams

By Maria Rogerson

February 2, 2018Furniture

The bedside table is not just something you purchase to fill up the empty space between the bed and the wall or window. On the contrary, I like to think of it as a necklace for the bed – a complementary embellishment that sets the tone for its style and look. Not to mention how this small piece of furniture is the landing spot for so many of our things like the cellphone, bedtime reads, glasses, face creams, and the stash of our guilty snacks. So, it goes without saying that a beautiful and functional bedside table is just as important as a comfortable bed. In order to help you with your search, here are some tips regarding what you should consider.

Scandinavian Bedside Table

Reinforce the Existing Theme

The overall style of the space should greatly dictate the style of the bedside table. The colour and material choice are important here, so pay attention to them. For instance, if you have adopted a minimalist contemporary theme or a mid-century look, a wooden Scandinavian bedside table in a neutral colour will perfectly enhance the look of the bedroom. For a coastal or more eclectic look, consider raw materials like rattan or white washed timber. On the other hand, in an industrial themed bedroom, a metal night stand can look pretty great and add a subtle touch of edginess.

Focus on Function

How are you going to use the table? The size, shape and storage design of your bedside table should ideally match your needs. Make sure the piece you choose has enough surface area to display the things you’d like to keep on the top, and enough enclosed storage to hide away the things you don’t want in sight. If you need to keep your bedroom clutter at bay, having extra drawers can prove to be an extremely convenient solution.

Scale and Proportion Matter!

How high is the bedside table can literally make or break the whole design of your bedroom. You wouldn’t want a table that’s much lower than your bed while laying down, nor too high to tower over you and disrupt your sleep. A simple rule of thumb that interior designers use is that the bedside table should be around the same height of the mattress (give or take). If you’re planning to display a lamp, consider how it will work together with the table. A tiny lamp will look out of proportion on a large bedside table, and vice versa. Also, if you love reading in bed, the lampshade should be at your chin’s height as to reduce uncomfortable glare and create the perfect reading ambience.

To Pair or Not to Pair?

While I might consider the bedside table as a necklace, many people love embellishing their beds with a pair of gorgeous earrings, or in other words, two bedside tables on each side. A pair of tables can really increase the symmetry of the room and provide you with twice the storage. If you have the space, I’d say go for it! But don’t feel like you have to find a matching pair. In fact, two different nightstands can add variety and interest to the room, as long as there’s something that brings the two of them together. For instance, try pairing similar styles like a Scandinavian bedside table and a mid-century one, or using matching colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and create an attractive bedside area that inspires sweet dreams.