Beach Essentials: Our Tips for Your Trip to the Shore

By Maria Rogerson

February 5, 2018Camping

Sun Shade Beach Tent

Considered among the ten countries with the longest coastlines, Australia, with 25.760km of coastline, is the largest country without land borders, with plenty to offer for beachgoers, and watersports enthusiasts.

Now that we’ve welcomed the New Year, it’s high time we started it off with some fun in the sun, tanning, and swimming. Of course, not without proper planning at first, so we’ve assembled these tips for you to make it easier for your next trip to the shore.

Since it’s Australia we’re talking about, also known as the country where the sun is scorching and hits the hardest, one can’t overlook the importance of proper sun protection in the likes of SPF sunscreen (preferably with anti-ageing properties), SPF lipbalm, skin moisturisers, or mineral water sprays, as well as a sun shade beach tent.

Lightweight pop up design, easy for storage, carrying, and setting up, the sun shade beach tent is breathable, yet made of a sun protection fabric with up to UPF50+, so those beach naps while breathing the sea air, wouldn’t be impossible. Sounds appealing, right?

Regardless of whether or not you’d be going for a swim or dive, towels are a must, particularly the large ones, and so is an extra bathing suit – you can never know when you might be needing them. When it comes to beachwear, you can’t forget the flip flops either.

Don’t think we’ve left sunglasses out of the list, remembering the bigger, the better the protection. Protecting your eyes has to be your top priority same as the skin, because it’s still a way to avoid those unsightly eye wrinkles, and you know – eye sunburns are a real thing!

Speaking of protection, your head and hair also shouldn’t be left out. Get a nice hat, equip with a sun-blocking beach hair spray, and you’re set for packing up, and heading off to the shore. Then again, you need the proper waterproof bag where you can store all of these items, plus your precious books to read.

In case you simply can’t stay away from civilisation even for a second, you could count on electronics to be your company. Remembering there’s not always going to be wi-fi around, you can make the most of them by filling them up with your favourite song playlists, videos, as well as films.

In case your worries are sun and water damages, you could always go for a water resistant speaker set, that provides storage for your MP3. That’s about it from our tips; as long as you pack up all of these essentials, you should expect to have a fun time!