Work in Style: Our Tips for Choosing the Uniforms for Work

By Maria Rogerson

February 6, 2018Clothes Shopping

Though not exactly apparent at the first thought, work ethic and uniforms are connected greatly. Ask yourself the question about what work ethic comprises of, and you get integrity, focus on quality of work, a sense of teamwork, and discipline – the exact aspects the uniform provides.

More than mere clothing, uniforms for work have the power to make employees feel part of the company, increase their sense of belonging, feel part of the team, as well as a sense of equality. It’s needless to say this helps strengthen the team, and improves the work environment spirit which in turn makes for quality work, and as a result, earns more client confidence.
Uniforms for Work
This is why the selection of uniforms for work and accessories requires some consideration, more so as there is a wide range of them, so here are some tips to guide you through this purchase easily.

First things first, focus on the image you want employees to portray with the uniforms. Though the concept of uniforms remains the same, uniforms themselves, same as any other clothing, have undergone considerable changes when it comes to style.

When browsing from the variety of options, you can get comfort, and functionality, without compromising on style. After all, the image of professionalism is the compound of all three, spiced with a dash of elegance, so don’t forget beauty is in the details.

While you may be primary led by the quest for the ideal fabric, that’s durable, wouldn’t stain or fade easily, and of course provides the right amount of safety depending on the job itself, don’t leave accessories out either. Why are we pointing this out?

It’s because accessories, along with being the finishing touch of the uniforms for work, in the likes of hats, scarves, ties, bags, and apron straps, serve as the cost effective branding tools as well.

Just imagine how much of a branding difference the addition of badges, pins, and patches would make, as employees would help with the company’s promotion by wearing the representative logo so clients would easily recognise it. Employees are your advertisement in motion!

Last but not least, it’s important to do your maths regarding the costs. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you can count on numerous options online, that wouldn’t only win you over with the materials, comfort, styles, and designs, but with money as well as you’d have better chances of coming across better deals.