Streetwear Icon: Exploring Carhartt WIP and Its Allure Among Skaters

By Steve George

September 26, 2023Clothes

Despite the fact that Carhartt WIP (which stands for Work in Progress) may be inspired by the historical canon of functional workwear, in 1994 it truly made an impact on modern subculture. It soon became the go-to for skaters and musicians that they influenced, resulting in nearly three decades of the label defining the aesthetic of the underground. 

The functional style elements that initially made Carhartt WIP so popular among manual labourers remain, however at a more sophisticated, wearable level. The modern collection represents the ideal fusion of practicality and premium style because it replaces heavy-duty textiles with more everyday-worn clothing styles to create more relaxed, casual fits. With a wide range of t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants and of course, the popular Carhartt beanie, Carhartt WIP is a great destination for streetwear. The brand releases new products every season. Let’s take a look at some popular picks. 

Carhartt WIP Chase T-Shirt 

The Carhartt WIP T-shirt is a very comfortable lightweight tee that boasts simple elements, making it an effortless chore to go from casual wear to a more modern evening style. It is available in a number of subdued, trademark colourways great for day-to-day wear. Featuring a relaxed fit, this t-shirt has a simple, embroidered accent logo with the iconic Carhartt ‘C’ motif across the chest. For a look that is inspired by streetwear, combine this t-shirt with a pair of distressed denim jeans and white leather trainers. 

carhartt wipp green chase t-shirt

Carhartt WIP Marshal Joggers 

The casual Marshall joggers are made of an alternate sateen fabric for a more streamlined, fashionable take on classic tracksuit bottoms. These stylish joggers are made to last and created for the contemporary, style-conscious man. They have extra horizontal panels for added style points, a drawstring waistline that can be adjusted, and an extra elastic ankle for a light streetwear appeal. The Carhartt Marshall Joggers are available in a variety of colourways, including Navy, Khaki, and Black designs. Keep things classic by wearing them with a contrasting graphic t-shirt.

carhartt wipp marshall joggers

Carhartt Work in Progres Corduroy Michigan Chore Coat

A wonderful jacket for any situation. It may be dressed up or down, like many Carhartt goods. Its normal fit makes it ideal for layering underneath or on top. It is composed of 100% cotton, features a button fastening, and four pockets, and is quilted for added comfort. It is available in three elegant neutrals.

man dressed in Carhartt Work in Progress corduroy jacket

Carhartt Hooded Ashfield Sweatshirt 

This sweatshirt is extremely cosy and loose-fitting for the wearer. It has a kangaroo pocket and a hood that can be adjusted. It has a soft interior and exterior and is made entirely of cotton. It is available in two hues. One of the best examples of Carhartt’s high-quality, durable products is this hoodie.

young man wearing a Carhartt WIP ashfield hooded sweatshirt

Carhartt Single Knee Pant

The quality and style of Carhartt are easily demonstrated by this fantastic product. These casual pants are modelled after straightforward, traditional work pants but have also been built with style in mind, which is exactly what WIP is all about. These trousers feature a relaxed, straight fit, which means the waist runs a little larger. They are constructed of 100% organic cotton and are engineered to soften with each use. They contain tool pockets and a hammer loop. The camouflage pattern is one of the most popular colours available for these pants.

young man standing on stairs in a mall wearing carhartt WIP single knee pant

Carhartt Converse

If you like camouflage and high-top Chuck Taylors, you’ll be thrilled to find out that most of Carhartt’s shoes fit the bill. They are tough and uncompromising, just how a pair of Converse ought to be. These sneakers are available in three camouflage patterns: brown, green, and winter. Only the winter camo pattern is also offered in low-top form. They are all made of a canvas and cotton blend and run half a size larger. 
The sneakers are unisex, just like most Carhartt WIP items and every pair of Converse. It is therefore OK to purchase a pair of shoes in a woman’s size if your feet tend to be a little smaller or narrower.

person wearing Carhartt WIP ft. Converse skate shoes

Carhartt Beanie 

When it comes to the Carhartt beanie, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. It’s soft, as durable as anything else from the company, and it comes in enough colours to give one to each month of the year. The elastic acrylic material of the Short Watch Hat, which only comes in one size, is ideal for winter and people of all head sizes. The length, however, can be problematic because it might eat up certain people’s heads if they have tiny faces.

woman wearing a pink Carhartt WIP beanie

Carhartt Bucket Hat

You can try the bucket hat model, which is available in a few different versions if you find out that the Carhartt beanie isn’t for you. The High Plains Bucket Hat model is made from a material that resembles fleece and is only offered in camouflage patterns. The Kilda Bucket Hat is more suited for summer and warm weather. Similar to the High Plains Bucket Hats, these caps are lined as well, however, they come in black and olive green. 
What sets the Kilda Bucket Hats apart are their features. They come with a cool side pocket that is rarely used and a detachable neck cord. They can be a great addition to your hiking adventure. 

two young people wearing different coloured Carhartt WIP bucket hats