Our Tips for Wearing Men’s Casual Bottoms on Any Occasion

By Steve George

September 9, 2020Clothes Fashion

If you are a streetwear enthusiast, you must know that sometimes dressing for the occasion can be tough. Staying true to yourself and your style while meeting your workplace’s dress code guidelines can be hard to balance. Feeling like you don’t belong somewhere because of your outfit is equally bad as losing your identity as soon as you get dressed for work.

Most dress code guidelines include a bunch of rules about appropriate male bottoms – from their length and fit to colours and patterns. Fortunately, streetwear and casual style have won the Australian hearts over time, and you can easily incorporate your favourite pair of casual bottoms to suit the mood of various events.

high-quality mens casual bottoms

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Street Style

With the shift from high to popular culture during the twentieth century, streetwear has become one of the most popular trends in fashion. Street style was once strictly connected with surfing, skating and hip-hop, but today it can be seen at the red carpet, the gym, the office, and of course the streets. More and more men choose laid-back fit over tailored clothes and suit and tie.

Even though the dress codes in this day and age lean towards the relaxed side, choosing the appropriate pants is important if you want to avoid looking daggy.

When choosing bottoms, stick to these four simple rules:

  •  Quality over quantity
  • Less is more
  •  Dress for your body type
  •  Dress for the occasion

Having just two or three pairs of high-quality mens casual bottoms can be enough to create several dope outfits. Cheap pants, jeans and sweatpants can make you look unkempt, so invest in some casual top of the line mens bottoms. For instance, premium quality Staple’s track pants can substitute for cargo pants whereas a pair of classic Dickies can double as formal attire if styled properly. Choose wisely and you won’t have to shop for different bottoms for every occasion.

If you’re past your teen days, it’s better to abide by the rule ‘less is more’. A pair of Lower’s indigo jeans is a great choice that can upgrade your style. The skinny fit and the dropped crotch will add a rebellious vibe, but thanks to the dark denim and minimal details you’ll still look professional. Moreover, they’re made from 98% cotton fabric, which makes them extremely comfortable.

When shopping for mens casual bottoms, choose models that suit your body type. If you are tall and skinny, you can choose oversized pants that will add bulk to your legs, but if you are shorter, opt for a skinny fit that will elongate your legs or choose loose over baggy.

Last, but not least, you should dress for the occasion. You may feel your best in some jean shorts, but if you show up wearing them for a job interview, you may not leave the best impression. You can still rock streetwear no matter if it’s a business casual or smart casual dress code event, just make sure you do it properly.

Business Casual man bottoms

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Business Casual

Although the dress code of many workplaces is more relaxed nowadays, it doesn’t mean that you should wear your favourite pair of baggy mens bottoms at work, especially if the dress code is defined as business casual. Business casual as the name suggests falls somewhere between formal and casual attire, and this can be rather confusing because heck, tie or no tie, short-sleeved polo shirt or a button-down, jeans or no jeans? Business casual revolves more around the don’ts rather than the do’s so at least it would be easier to follow the guidelines of appropriate office attire.

When it comes to men’s bottoms, it’s best to avoid wearing jeans or opt for a simple, dark denim option. Better yet, get a pair or two of classic chinos which are even more comfortable than jeans, and more suitable for business casual attire. They come in a variety of colours and fits, so you can easily match them with almost any outfit. You can choose khakis as well, but they are perceived as more casual than formal.

You can pair chinos with a polo shirt, long-sleeved collared shirt or a nice sweater. Throw in a stylish blazer for a professional touch, and lose the tie for a more relaxed look.

Your shoes should be more on the sleek side, think loafers, oxfords or derbies. Avoid sandals at any means and leave sneakers for the style down below.

Smart casual bottoms

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Smart Casual

Smart casual is business casual’s ‘younger brother.’ Whether it’s a job interview, a regular day at the office or a downtown walk, this versatile style is convenient for almost any occasion. According to research done by SEEK, most people think that smart casual is the ‘ideal’ dress code. Moreover, if you rock this style, other people will perceive you as motivated, productive, collaborative and creative. To pull off this look, stick to neutral colours, simple tops and men’s bottoms made from quality materials.

On the top of the list of highly fashionable and yet laid-back casual pants come good old Dickie’s. Dedication and innovation paired with unmatched toughness and quality, these are the bottoms men all around the world trust.

Not only that they’re suitable for work, but they can also be dressed up or down for almost any event. Choose skinny straight fit in black or olive for a bold look or go for Dickie’s traditional fit pant khaki if you want to emphasize the ‘smart’ in smart casual. The best part is, whatever fit you choose, you can’t go wrong with this iconic brand. From Justin Bieber to ASAP Rocky, every fashion killa can be seen wearing a pair of Dickie’s.

You can pair these male bottoms with a plain white tee or a short-sleeved button-up and some low-profile kicks.

Final thoughts

Staying true to your style will do wonders for your self-confidence. The clothes you wear affect your overall mood and how you feel in your own skin. If streetwear makes you feel your best, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate it in your everyday activities.

Boldness, authenticity, style and comfort, what more can you ask from your outfit, right?