Pet Comfort 101: Our Tips for Selecting the Right Dog Bed Online

By Steve George

April 29, 2024Pets

Like us, our furry little friends need their private spot where they can snooze and relax. The floor can be cold, hard, and uncomfortable for most pups, so you’ll need a high-quality dog bed that will keep them cosy and prevent any health issues. But how do you pick the ideal one for your furry friend when there are so many different kinds available? To help you make the right decision, I’ve included 10 factors you should consider when shopping. 

Shipping and Delivery

VEBO Plush Calming Dog Bed [Size: Large]

When shopping online, the shipping and delivery times are crucial details that often get buried in the excitement. Find a store that offers dog bedding online with fast shipping and delivery, bringing the product straight to your doorstep without making you and your pup feel like you’re stuck in a time warp. It’s the difference between your dog settling into their plush paradise this weekend or having to sleep uncomfortably on the floor for a prolonged time. Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to your pup’s comfort, time is important. So, before you hit that “buy now” button, search around the website for shipping details. Are they offering express options? Do they provide estimated delivery times? These are the clues that can save you from the nail-biting suspense of waiting for the doorbell to ring. 

Size and Fit

What size should a dog bed be? While your pup is resting or sleeping, grab your tape measure and measure them from nose to tail, while making sure they don’t move. Now that you have your measurements, look through different dog beds and their sizes. Size matters and you want to make sure your pup’s new resting spot isn’t too snug or too spacious. Check out the product descriptions and sizing charts that the online store provides and compare them to your pup’s measurements. 

Make sure to get the proper size that allows them to comfortably stretch out, curl up, and embrace their inner nap artist. Will there be enough room for that adorable stretch or the classic curl-up-and-snooze move? And here’s an extra tip: consider your pup’s potential growth. Puppies have a knack for turning into full-grown canines seemingly overnight, so investing in a slightly larger bed could be a savvy move. 

How Do They Sleep?

VEBO Memory Foam / Orthopedic Dog Bed with Extra Cover [Size: Small]

Before you hit that “buy now” button, take a moment to consider their unique sleeping preferences. Some are the curl-up-and-cuddle type of pups that tuck themselves into a tight ball. Others prefer to stretch out wide and claim the whole space available on the bed. Take a mental snapshot of your pup while they’re sleeping or napping. Are they channelling their inner doughnut, forming a perfect circle of cosiness? Or are they more of the sprawling type? 

Choose dog bedding online that will cater to their sleeping style. If you have a curler, you’ll want a bed with cosy, raised edges – a little nest where they can huddle and feel secure. On the flip side, if your pup is a professional stretcher, opt for a design with ample room or even a luxurious doggy sofa where they can stretch out like they’re lounging in their kingdom. 


From teething discomforts to jaw workouts and everything in between, pups have their reasons for chewing everyday items. But when your upholstered furniture starts resembling a chew toy, it’s time to shop for highly resilient dog bedding. Look for tough, chew-resistant materials and reinforced stitching. It’s like upgrading from a regular bed to a canine fortress – a haven where your pup can indulge its chewing instincts without turning your living room into a chewed-up battleground. Explore designs with additional features like hidden seams or chew-resistant zippers. These little details can make a lot of difference in outsmarting your pup’s dental endeavours. 

Activity Level

ProFleece 1600gsm Dry Vet Bed for VEBO Deluxe Outdoor Dog Kennel [Colour: Blue] [Size: Small]

If your pup is a bona fide ball of energy, look for dog beds in Australia that feel like fortresses of comfort. Think thickness, durability, and resilience – the triple threat against the wear and tear of a doggy on a mission. On the flip side, if they’re more of a laid-back, Zen master of lounging, choose a flatter, narrower bed – like a minimalist retreat for the low-key loungers who conserve energy for the occasional squirrel chase or a leisurely stroll around the block. For the senior pup, you should choose a more supportive and comfortable bed. Think memory foam, joint-friendly, think about creating a haven where your senior sidekick can rest their paws without feeling the toll of the years. 

Health and Age

When your furry friends are in the puppy phase, they’re like little balls of fluff and curiosity. At this point, any surface seems like a good spot for snoozing. They’ll snooze on your sneakers, the living room rug, or pretty much anything soft enough to cradle their tiny bodies. But as the years roll by, their needs transform. 

As your pup enters the golden years, their joints might start creaking a bit, or arthritis might make a subtle entrance. This is when you should look for thicker, more supportive dog beds. It’s like upgrading from a standard-issue mattress to a canine orthopaedic marvel that supports those well-loved bones and joints. These ensure that your loyal companion gets the rest they deserve after a lifetime of tail-wagging adventures.