Designer Tips: Add Drama With Realistic Brick Wallpaper

By Maria Rogerson

June 3, 2016Home & Decor

Brick wall design has increased in popularity these past few years due to its great feature – it can easily fit in almost every interior décor. Brick walls recreate the feel and idea of the middle-century while incorporating a touch of modernism. However, achieving this effect in your home does not necessary need to cost you a fortune. In some cases covering the walls can be quite an expensive investment, however, today there are other, less expensive ways to achieve this effect such as brick tiles, stones, hollow blocks and the most affordable option – realistic brick wallpaper.

realistic brick wallpaper

Believe it or not, you can enjoy the beauty and mystery of brick walls just by installing a roll or two of realistic brick wallpaper. Thanks to the latest innovations, the designs and patterns of today’s wallpapers look so real giving you the appearance and feel of real bricks at a more affordable price. In case you are not sure how and where to install these pieces of art, here are few inspirational designer tips.

  • The right retailer – First things first – finding the right retailer where you will purchase your wallpaper is a challenge by itself. Be careful here, make sure you find a reputable realistic brick wallpaper retailer where you can find high-quality versatile pieces. Also, make sure they allow you to take a few samples with you so that you can try out which one will fit in your interior design best.
  • Consider the effect you want to achieve – Before purchasing any kind of wallpaper, consider the effect you would like to achieve with it. This will help you make a decision what type of wallpaper will be most suitable for your home. There is a number of different realistic brick wallpaper designs to choose from such as sandstone, red clay, traditional brown bricks, etc.
    Use the wallpaper on a half wall – This is a perfect way to display the beauty of brick wallpaper and add charm to the space. The lower half of the wall is usually the most suitable place to add brick wall texture, while the upper half may be painted with colour or decorated with some other style of wallpaper. This is the ideal decorating idea for lounge rooms and dining areas.
  • Use brick wallpaper on a single wall – For the ultimate stylish result, choose just one wall in the room that will display the beauty and the rustic feel of this wallpaper. Here’s an idea – the TV wall. The perfect choice for this project as there will be nothing on it except for the TV, plus it will easily become the focal point in the room. A win-win décor combination.
  • Avoid mixing different styles – If you prefer not to overdo the whole thing, do not mix different styles and colours of brick wallpaper. Using more different styles will make the room look messy and the wallpaper will lose all of its beauty. One design of wallpaper is the way to do it – it will look simple and elegant. You know what they say, “simplicity is the ultimate form of elegance.”