Break the Monotony In A Room With Accent Chairs

By Maria Rogerson

May 26, 2016Furniture

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a room designed to follow a certain colour pattern, like beige, grey or similar. It’s actually how colour should be used in interior design in order for the room to meet the cohesiveness criteria: the sofas, the curtains, the walls and the decorations should all match in their respective nuances. While all that is what one would expect from a room design, the real creativity is seen when your otherwise boring and monotonously designed bedroom gets a very eye-catchy focal point such as an accent chair.

Bedroom accent chairs

The accent chair is a piece of furniture that’s normally in a screaming colour and acts as an addition to a room that follows a certain colour pattern. It serves exactly the purpose: to break the colour monotony or to give the room some focus. Here are a few types of bedroom accent chairs you can use to brighten up your bedroom ambiance.

A Club Chair

Fun fact: the club chair’s origins are in France, and its original name is fauteuil comfortable which when translated means a comfy chair. These have large armholds designed to make you literally sink in the chair’s comfort. They are usually upholstered with leather or have a nail-head trim. Your job is to find one that will completely contrast the colour pattern of your bedroom design. For instance, if the room is all in white, let the chair be in bold pink.

An occasional chair

These are generally sleeker in their design and a lot more lightweight, therefore, a lot easier to move. The interesting and important detail to have in mind when dealing with the occasional chair is that this chair brings in the design ‘moment’ which is exactly why it will be an amazing addition to a bedroom where simplicity and privacy rule the ambiance.

The Bergere

A short history of the Bergere chair first: it gained its popularity while still being a part of the palace of a 17th century nobility, which obviously means its design will be in accordance. This type of chair has an elegant look and its main purpose is just that: to bring elegance in rooms designed in a contemporary style. As an accent chair for your bedroom, the Bergere would be perfect; besides intimacy and privacy, the bedroom deserves a dose of elegance, right?

The rule for styling a room with an accent chair

As complicated designing a room with these chairs may look like, it’s actually very simple since there’s only one rule you need to follow: combine the colour of the chair with the rest of the furniture well. Bedroom accent chairs should always be in a different colour than the rest of the room and in a nuance that will be strong and screaming, which probably makes you think that you can just pick anything and place it in the middle of the room. No, there’s a catch here too: according to the colour pattern of your bedroom, choose a stronger tone than the dominating colour. For instance, if your room is all in beige or brown tones, choose an accent chair in strong peach.

Bottom line is, if you feel like your bedroom looks dull and it needs just one more thing to break the otherwise hard-to-bear colour monotony, an accent chair would be the perfect choice.