Summer Patio Fix-Ups: Tips to Take Your Outdoor Space from Snoozefest to Stellar

By Maria Rogerson

December 22, 2021Furniture

As the weather gets warmer, we all look forward to the magical summer nights spent with our loved ones. A well-designed patio can contribute to unforgettable outdoor gatherings in the comfort of your own home. This is the ideal space for meeting up with friends, fun evening family barbecues or just some relaxing alone time.

However, a successful outdoor design requires a lot of creativity and planning. Things you need to take into consideration are the size of your patio, the materials you should look for (durable, waterproof and of course, comfortable), and the design scheme you’re aiming for.

Invest in Durable Teak Outdoor Furniture 

What’s Good About Teak?

Commonly referred to as ‘the king of woods’, teak is a popular material for contemporary outdoor furniture because of its appealing golden colour, smooth texture and resistance to extreme weather conditions and rotting. It’s found in south and southeast Asia, grows up to 50 meters and can live for 100 years. It’s also one of the fastest growing hardwoods, growing for approximately half an inch per day. This makes teak one of the most sustainable choices for outdoor modern furniture. The high amount of natural oils and minerals present in the wood protect it from weather conditions and make it more durable. Because of its water-resistant quality, it’s commonly used for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and even for decking on boats. Teak furniture can last you for decades, but it’s important to note that proper maintenance can greatly impact its longevity.

outdoor modern furniture

How to Choose Patio Furniture?

Think about how you’re planning to use your patio. Dining outdoors is a sacred ritual a lot of us prefer in the hot summer months. This way you combine delicious food with nature and the soothing summer breeze. You can create a dining space with or without an outdoor kitchen. If your household has many members or you like to entertain friends, opt for a larger table, whereas if you usually eat with a few people, you can go with a smaller one. According to your taste, you can choose a round or a rectangular table model.

If you prefer eating indoors or at a restaurant, you can turn your patio into a relaxing getaway for reading your favourite book or having drinks with friends. To achieve this in a contemporary style, choose outdoor modern furniture such as an accent coffee table paired with a modern teak sofa set. The cushions should be in a neutral black, white or grey colour, while the golden teak frame will greatly complement the greenery in the background. If you have a pool in your backyard, you should include a sun lounger with neutral-coloured comfortable cushions. The cushions’ material should be durable, waterproof and fade-resistant, such as the Sunbrella fabric.

Make It Lively with Modern Self-Watering Planters

Plants are an essential element of a modern patio, whether they’re planted in your garden’s soil or in modern planter boxes. The contemporary style loves to play with lines, so the ideal planter should be rectangle-shaped with sharp edges. As for the colour, you should go for a neutral black, white or grey. A self watering planter box is a practical and stylish addition that brings life to your contemporary patio. If you’re restricted with space, you can choose a model that can be attached to a wall. 

Using ordinary planters often comes with the risk of overwatering, underwatering your plants, or simply forgetting to water them when your day is especially busy. Self watering planters consist of a water reservoir and a system that gradually releases water in the soil, ensuring the health of your plant. Once the plants start drawing a lot of water, you can top the soil with Lucerne mulch. This will provide them with nutrients such as

self watering planter box

Nitrogen and Potassium, retain excess water as well as keep the weeds at bay. Lucerne mulch also promotes earthworm activity and breaks down easily when mixed in the soil. The optimal amount of mulch is 50mm for decorative purposes, and 100mm for weed control and water retention. 

The Best Outdoor Plants for Self Watering Planters

These planters are suitable for almost all types of plants, but some types reap more benefits than others. These are the ones that require a lot of water for maintenance. A self watering planter box provides water whenever your plants need it, so these magnificent species will stay healthy and hydrated for a long time. Good choices are Daylilies, Lily of the Valley, Ferns (Cinnamon Fern, Royal Fern, Ostrich Fern, Lady Fern), etc. Daylilies are especially gorgeous perennial flowering plants with fast-spreading roots. Their name comes from the short-lasting flowers that typically last only one day, and are often replaced by another one on the same scape the next day. Despite their short lifespan, these flowers bloom with beautiful and vibrant fiery colours.

Accessorise with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great décor element for introducing texture into your modern patio. A few of these can often be enough to fully accessorize a piece of outdoor furniture. Remember to mix in a few textured pillows with a few solid-coloured ones in the same hue to achieve a more stylish look. Some popular pattern choices are stripped, zig-zag, floral and tropical patterns. 

If your patio is enclosed or has some sort of cover, you have many options for cushion materials, including cotton and linen. Otherwise, it’s best to choose fabrics such as polyester or Sunbrella. Sunbrella is the most used fabric for outdoor furniture and cushions, and it’s made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. It’s breathable as well as UV, water, mildew and stain-resistant, so it can handle harsh weather conditions and still look as good as new.

Bottom Line

When designing your modern patio, you need to take into consideration a few useful tips:

  • Choose durable contemporary wood furniture that’s UV and water-resistant. Teak sofa sets with sturdy cushions made of Sunbrella fabric are a good option;
  • Add as many plants as you can to improve the aesthetic and comfort of your patio. Self watering planters are a low maintenance and practical way to start;
  • Accessorise your furniture with throw pillows to add texture and style.