Double Up: Is a Double Bed Right for You?

By Steve George

March 8, 2023Furniture

If you’re looking to buy a new bed, you may be wondering whether a double-size bed will fit in your bedroom comfortably. Often referred to as the middle child of bed sizes, a double bed is small enough to fit in your teens’ bedroom yet spacious enough to accommodate couples in an apartment or guest bedroom.

If you’re uncertain if a double-size bed is right for you, here are some common reasons why most people choose it for their homes.

Growing Kids

girl on the phone in her bedroom

For teens experiencing a growth spurt, a full double mattress can be a better option than a twin-size one. Many kids like to take their bed with them when they leave the nest to begin college or new adventures. Considering the fact that if you buy a quality mattress for double beds it can last up to 10 years, this means that a double-size mattress will keep them comfortable for years to come.

Cuddling-Oriented Couples

Top view of beautiful happy young couple lying on bed and hugging

Is a double bed good for 2 adults? Typically, couples who prefer to sleep cuddled up in each other’s arms don’t mind how tightly a mattress for double beds fits. Each couple has 68cm of sleeping space on a double mattress, which measures 137cm by 188cm. It fits snugly! In order to get restorative sleep, couples who sleep so closely should consider getting a cooling mattress protector. Even with all that body heat, you won’t feel that hot and your mattress will also be shielded from deterioration.

Studio Bedroom

Decorating studio spaces require strategic design so that, despite their small size, they can feel spacious and comfortable. Studios are perfect spaces for full-size beds. It will allow enough room for a restful night’s sleep as well as for hanging out when friends come to visit. Consider a foundation bed frame for your double-size mattress for an effective studio design. When you have limited space, storage beneath the bed is invaluable!

Small Apartment

small apartment with every kind of furniture in one room such as double size bed

Decorating small apartments can be challenging. However, if the bedroom’s floor space is at least 2.7 x 3 metres, a full-sized bed will provide comfort without worry. When planning your d├ęcor, choosing the ideal bed size for a bedroom is crucial because the wrong size can make the space feel claustrophobic.

Comfort in Guest Rooms

A double size mattress will guarantee that your visitors have a great night’s sleep while they are staying with you, creating an unforgettable guest room experience. If you choose a double size rather than a queen size, you will still have plenty of room for other furniture, such as an ottoman for storage and shelving for extra towels and accessories.

Sizable Dorm Rooms

dorm room

If your dorm room has enough surface area to comfortably fit a double-size mattress, go ahead. Most dorm rooms are quite small. After a long day of studying, you’ll have enough space for sleeping and relaxing.

Consider the Common Types of Mattresses

There is an endless amount of research on various mattress materials and what they are good for, but I’ve resumed the most important information about the most common mattress types, including memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid, for your convenience.

Memory Foam Mattress

woman's hand touching memory foam mattress

The layers of memory foam in these mattresses, which are typically with medium firmness on the firmness scale, help with lumbar support, comfort in the hips and shoulders, and body contouring. This makes them better for people with back pain. Additionally, this material is excellent for absorbing motion transfer (if your partner moves around a lot, you won’t notice it). A memory foam mattress will be more conforming than other mattresses, which means it will hug your body more closely and won’t offer as much bounce or freedom of movement.

Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress, which is among the most popular ones, contains at least one layer of spring metal coils. Innerspring mattresses typically do a good job of keeping you cool and have strong edge support and great bounce.

These beds are heavy and may ship full-size (if that is a factor that will influence your choice) due to the internal metal coils. An innerspring mattress is probably not for you if you’re looking for something that can shape your body well.

You won’t get as much support in your shoulders and hips as you would with other types of mattresses because these mattresses have a fair amount of empty space, but you’ll have more freedom of movement, which is good if you move around a lot at night.


For those who want many of the advantages of a foam mattress but don’t want to feel as hugged or “contoured,” latex mattresses are fantastic. These mattresses frequently have excellent cooling capabilities, bounce, and responsiveness, which means they will conform to your body as you move around.

The drawbacks? The cost of latex mattresses is typically higher. They will be quite heavy because they are also extremely dense. You might detect some of that synthetic, chemical smell for the first few days, depending on the type of latex you receive.


Hybrid Mattress

Memory foam and springs are typically combined to create hybrid mattresses, but other materials and combinations are also acceptable (like latex and memory foam). In comparison to pure memory foam, hybrids typically offer a better balance of support and pressure relief while also offering a cooler sleeping surface. With the aid of more motion-absorbing layers, a hybrid will also transfer motion more effectively than an innerspring alone.