Design Tip: Don’t Miss Out on Modern Occasional Chairs

By Maria Rogerson

June 18, 2020Furniture

When ti comes to the living room, many people nowadays tend to loom for ways to as a factor of uniqueness, but without skipping function. That being said, the easiest way to achieve this is by getting an occasional modern chair.

It’s Useful and Versatile

You can find an occasional modern chair in different styles and shapes and except in the living room, you can place such chair in the hallway or by the entrance of your home. When placed there, it can act as the perfect welcoming and stylish addition. What’s more, it can also be used for practical purposes as a chair where guests can sit down to lace up their shoes. It can also be used as a place where they can lay their coats.

modern chair for living room


It’s the Missing Puzzle in the Room

While you can opt for a completely different style from the rest of your furniture pieces, you can also opt for an occasional designer chair  that has the same or similar form as your sofa. For instance, you can choose a chair that has the same legs as the sofa, but is made of different fabric and design. This subtle contrast can make this chair the perfect stand-alone piece.

It Can Improve the Room’s Character

Interior designers say that the occasional chair can add personality to the room. This chair can give you the freedom to get creative and show off your personal taste and interest in some particular style. Mixing and matching styles is always possible, just make sure to choose a piece that will complement the rest of the room’s furniture.

The Perfect Chair for Reading

If you are a book lover who wants to create a reading nook in the living room or even the bedroom, a modern accent chair would be the perfect seating option. For the purpose, you can opt for upholstered and padded armchairs. They are comfortable and spacious, ideal for getting lost in your book for hours without feeling any discomfort.

green chair for reading in bedroom


A Pop of Colour

Occasional chairs are an affordable solution which you can use in an otherwise boring room that has lots of neutrals in it. Instead of choosing a white, cream or light grey chair, you can add a pop of colour. Orange, brown, vibrant pink, green, red and yellow are some of the colours that can help you create an eye-catching feature. This can help you elevate the room without making an effort.

Perfect for Larger Gatherings

Generally speaking, these chairs are portable which makes them the ideal seating place when having friends over. You can always put it next to the sofas in order to accommodate as many people as you can. Depending on the model you choose, there are some of these chairs that are made of hand-woven rattan making them ideal for outdoor use as well. The balcony or your deck could be the perfect place for a chair like this.

Perfect for Every Space of Your Home

Once you have an occasional chair, you’ll notice that due to its portability and universal look, you’ll be able to put it in any room. For instance, if you want to add something new in your living room, you can move it to the kitchen, hallway, bedroom and even in your bathroom if it’s spacious enough. If you plan to use it in different locations, make sure to choose a more neutral colour.

Things to Consider

If planning to place the chair where it will be exposed to a lot of sunshine, it is paramount to choose a quality fabric and one in a lighter colour. Light colours fade slower but even when they are faded, you cannot tell the difference, especially if you choose ivory, white or some other light colour.

When it comes to choosing the fabric, make sure you take into account all of the important things in order to find the balance between form and function.

Whether you plan to use it as an extra chair when having friends or family over or you plan to use it as the perfect place to read a book, make sure to choose one that has extra padding on the seating area. Since you or your guests are probably going to sit there for hours, making it as comfortable as possible is paramount.