The Different Types of Western Boots Explained

By Steve George

May 27, 2019Lifestyle

Men’s western style boots are somewhere between folk art, pop culture, and functional clothing. They are fairly popular among celebrities and everyone who has the confidence and style to wear them unapologetically. Most men, however, go through life without ever trying a cowboy boot on and rocking its awesomeness. My advice? Don’t be that guy. You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear and appreciate Western boots. Just get familiar with their different types and figure out a way to incorporate them in some of your outfits.


The Stockman boot is a well-designed hybrid for people who are not all about the country life but want to add some of it to their style. Although quite similar to the classic and work boot, the deep throat (scallop) of this type of western style boots mens model is what sets it apart. It has a short but wide heel, which makes it quite comfortable to wear during the majority of the day.


Ropers have heels less than 4 cm high and they feature both a rounded toe and a broader heel with a lower shaft, making them perfect for rodeos. They are also very light and have a comfortable sole, which enables you to jump on and off the saddle more easily. Some of the Roper western style boots mens models come with laces for a better fit and greater ankle support. However, these are not meant to be used as riding boots.


The classic cowboy boots are the most iconic style and are a pretty straightforward one. Their shaft is 30 cm long which makes this boot to be in the mid-tier regarding its overall length. Cowboy boots are great for everyday use and even for sitting in a saddle. They are not that expensive if you go for ones made from cowhide and they can protect your feet from those heavy hooves.


Western work boots are designed with function in mind and they are very similar to roper boots as they too have very low heels. Work boots are made to keep your feet comfy and pain-free even after wearing them for 14 hours thanks to their midsole with a shock absorption cushioning. They are also quite affordable, provided that you stay away from the more exotic types of leather and instead go for cowhide.


If you are someone who wants to show off their boots, then the buckaroo style is the perfect fit for you. Thanks to its pretty long shaft, which easily exceeds 30cm, there is enough room for interesting designs with pronounced stitching which will definitely attract attention. They have a high heel which goes hand in hand with the long shaft. They are ideal if you’re looking to become a show rider.