Eames Reproduction Furniture: Provide an Opulent Focal Point for Less

In the attempt to make my newly bought home the perfect combination of modern and vintage with a certain dose of class in it, I turned to the vast palette of Eames reproduction furniture. The Eames furniture pieces are so perfectly designed with clean and sleek lines that can easily fit in any interior design scheme. Plus, the amazing replicas offered by various retailers can be found in many colours, which gives numerous possibilities for combining colours and thus, styles.

I personally, love the Eames Reproduction furniture. I am particularly fond of it because of the perfect blend of vintage charm and elegance that allows for any piece of this line to be included in every room design. The line of chairs for a dining room are practically screaming modernism and would instantly catch the eye in a similarly designed dining area.

Complementing a modern kitchen? Of course. The Eames chairs are designed with two materials: the seat is made of durable plastic that doesn’t look like the cheap variety at all and can be coloured in various colours. This provides the element of modernism and a proper degree of class if combined with the right furniture pieces. The legs of the Eames chairs are what gives the dose of vintage style. They’re made of wood and are in a very furniture-suitable nuance, which allows for the seat in any colour to be perfectly combined with the base. All in all, a chair like this is what you want to have in the dining room that aims to be modern but with a personality of its own.

Eames lounge chairs

I also fancy Eames lounge chairs with ottomans. If you have a large window wall and a view, then you’re one lucky person. An Eames lounge chair with an ottoman is perfect for placing it in front of this scenery; reading a good book with a cup of tea, or simply enjoying a cup of strong morning coffee right after you wake up from a good night’s sleep is practically priceless. I speak from experience, and I can say that there’s nothing like being waken up by the sun while wrapped up in a blanket and drinking a strong morning cappuccino. Add to that combo a small Eames coffee table and I’m telling you, you’ll be connected with this little coffee corner of yours more than with any other room in the house.

Eames reproduction furniture

Besides the beauty and the versatility of it when it comes to style and appearance, the Eames reproduction furniture is very comfortable as well. The lounge chairs that come with an ottoman give the nicest feel when you sit in them in a very comfy position. Some of the models are large and wide enough, so they can easily substitute small sofas in your living room, of course, if the entire interior allows it.

Bottom line, choosing to go with Eames reproduction furniture pieces instead of conventional furniture is definitely a step forward in interior designing and if I may say, quite creative.