Tips on How to Measure Roller Blinds for an Easy Installation

By Maria Rogerson

June 22, 2016Home & Decor

As the home is our protection from the outside world, we expect to be protected from the prying eyes of neighbours as much as from the weather conditions and we can’t do this without giving our windows the treatment they deserve. The design of blinds has undergone many alterations since their first appearance, and it is fascinating to think ancient people were the ones who actually invented them and spread their use. Ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese alike used them, the differences were that Egyptians used reeds, whereas the Chinese used bamboo and they later on spread them to Europe through the Mediterranean which brought to their evolution into Venetian blinds.

The reason blinds are useful, apart from serving for keeping the home privacy, is they help protect the environment and your wallet due to their proper energy conservation. They make way for cooler air in summer, keeping the scorching sun away, and allow warm air retention during the colder days of winter. Thus, you get less to spend on electricity and preserve your furnishing as well as electronic devices from the damage that can be caused by heat and moisture. You also get to control the amount of light that enters your home, having all the sunlight to have you up on your feet in the morning, and the needed darkness for your beauty sleep at night. Among the best types of blinds available are certainly the roller ones.Measure Roller Blinds

Nowadays, you can easily find the roller blinds to your taste online, since they are custom made in the texture, transparency and colour to suit your specific needs. The convenience of the modern fabrics they are made of is they are dust, mould and mildew resistant. Once you have made the choice you want for your home, you can save money by installing them yourself and making sure you properly measure roller blinds. To be able to do everything correctly, not leaving much space for errors, it is important to have in mind where you want to have them installed, inside or outside, because there are different measures to be taken into consideration.

You can rest assured a reliable company will have its own measurement guide so you will know exactly how to measure roller blinds. Your basic measurement equipment should be comprised of a tape measure (steel one preferably for a more precise outcome), and paper and pen to write down. It is advisable to make drawings of all the windows as well as to name and number each one of them so there is no confusion.

It is important to have in mind to measure in millimetres and that you include every window that you want to get a window treatment solution for, even those windows that appear to have the same size. With inside mounted roller blinds the top hard width and the hard drop from the top to the bottom and having a minimum of 60 millimetres’ depth for a flush mount. Inside mounted are usually front rolled so that the fabric comes in front of the roll tube to avoid any obstruction. For outside mounted roller blinds, you have to measure the width from the architrave to the architrave at the top of the frame along with the hard drop from top to bottom of the architrave. Outside mounted roller blinds are back rolled so the fabric stays tight to the architrave for optimal protection and privacy. A word of advice: double-measurement is key for a successful result.