Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Everyone on Your List Will Love

By Steve George

December 16, 2021Food & Drink

Are you aiming to be more sustainable, or at least more conscious of the environment when Christmas shopping this year? Buying gifts for our loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season, however, finding eco-friendly options is not quite easy. The good news is, there are now hundreds of businesses that are creating organic, biodegradable, fair trade and eco-friendly products that many would love to receive as a gift.

Below, I’ve compiled some eco-friendly gift ideas for you – from organic sparkling wines to reusable drink bottles. I’ve steered clear of the usual pieces that come to mind when thinking of environmentally conscious gift ideas, because who really wants a natural deodorant or toothbrush for Christmas?

Organic Sparkling Wine

When you think about sparkling wine, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Probably toasts with friends, dinners with relatives, delicious aperitifs, bubbles, glasses, and fun. So, gifting wine is also giving joy due to its pleasant effects. A bottle of organic sparkling wine will be the perfect eco gift for your loved one to whom you want to make it clear the time spent with them is always full of joy and fun. And if you are looking for an eco-friendly way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, organic sparkling wine also makes a creative corporate Christmas gift.

Two glasses of sparkling wine

Considering the many types of organic sparkling wine Australia specialized stores offer, this gift can be repeated and re-proposed many times. From time to time, you can change the origin, the producer cellar, blend, typology, etc. And if you don’t know the specific taste of your gift receiver, then giving a box containing a few bottles can be a great choice. In the variety of wines, your gift receiver will certainly find one they love.

Not only is organic wine better for us, but without all of the preservative and artificial flavours, it is easier for the environment to handle as well. What makes organic wine organic, you may ask? Organic grapes! These grapes aren’t sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. This makes organic wine a more natural and cleaner product to consume.

Holding glasses of sparkling wine

More and more Aussies are choosing to drink these wines at restaurants and at home as well. Organic sparkling wine Australia experts believe they are the best expression of both grape and terroir and wine drinkers appreciate that organically farmed grapes have healthier skins and an abundance of antioxidants. And if you’re wondering does organic wine gives you a hangover, the answer is both yes and no. Organic wine tends to be lighter in style than traditional wines, which means it has less alcohol, which means you can drink more of it without getting a hangover.

Aromatherapy Gift Set

What a better gift idea than giving your loved one a gift of relaxation. After the last two years, we have all been needing a moment of peace and calm to ourselves and aromatherapy can be a great way to unwind.

The benefits of aromatherapy are many. Certain essential oils promote stress and anxiety relief, some can promote better sleep and others can help clear the mind. These benefits plus the fact that essential oils are eco-friendly and pretty easy to use, make an aromatherapy gift set the perfect present for the people in your life who need a break.


With the many aromatherapy gift set options available on the market today, you can easily find the perfect one for anyone in your life. To help your loved one unwind and destress, you’ll want to look for a set containing lavender, lemongrass and lemon pure essential oils. These calming essential oils can help one alleviate stress, clear the mind and uplift mood. Plus, they are great to be used individually as well as blended together.

For that special person who hasn’t been able to sleep well look for kits of essential oils that help create a nightly sleep ritual. A kit containing lavender, dream drops and sleep essential oil blends, which can be used individually or blended together, will help your loved one ease into relaxation at the end of their day by promoting a restful and serene atmosphere.

And to bring the spirit of Christmas into your loved one’s home, get a gift set containing White Christmas essential oil blend, Cheerful essential oil blend and Pure Forest essential oil blend. These essential oil blends will get your loved ones in the mood during the festive season by turning their home into uplifting and soul-warming heaven.

Reusable BPA-Free Drink Bottles

By gifting your loved ones with a reusable drink bottle you’ll not only be helping minimise plastic waste and combat ocean pollution but you’ll also help them stay hydrated. Carrying a reusable water bottle helps remind people to drink water so they can leave a healthier lifestyle while also helping them to save money.


An insulated stainless steel reusable bottle is a durable, PBA-free option to consider. Your loved one will be able to use it every day, every season, for many years to come. That is because stainless steel insulated bottles are tough enough to take the demands of daily life, drops and scrapes, as well as active outdoor pursuits. Available in a range of sizes, these bottles are ideal for short or long trips, backpacks or handbags.

Another great benefit of these bottles is their ability to keep their temperature contained, which makes them great for both hot and cold drinks. Whether your loved ones like to start their day with a hot coffee or tea or enjoy cooling off from the summer heat with a cold and refreshing drink, insulated, reusable BPA free drink bottles make for a versatile drinking companion.

Man drinking wather

Your loved ones will also love the fact that insulated water bottles don’t sweat or leak. Instead of one layer, insulated bottles are made with two layers of material that stops condensation and leaks from staining their table. Your gift receiver will be able to put their bottle anywhere they want without the worry of picking it up later from a water puddle.

With the wide range of reusable BPA free drink bottles available on the market, these lovelies also make the perfect gift option for those friends who want to keep up with the trends and reduce their footprint.