Kappa: Sportswear and Streetwear in One

By Steve George

December 16, 2021Sports

Despite the seemingly limiting name, sportswear is much more than simply something athletes or everyday people doing sports or any kind of physical activity wear. For decades now, sportswear has been playing a huge part in pop culture, as well as in fashion. For instance, a lot of the garments made as sportswear are an inevitable element of endless outfits we see in streetwear style. No one can imagine a lot of the urban dress styles without hoodies, tracksuits, sweatshirts, sports shorts, garments immerging from the realm of sportswear.

Kappa the Brand of True Sportsmanship

Regardless of whether you are looking for sportswear garments that will help you perform better and be more comfortable during any type of physical activity, including running, playing soccer or dancing, or you are looking for a piece that will fit your dressing style, one of the best sportswear brands, Italian brand Kappa has a lot to offer. For years now the brand has been designing sportswear, that’s not only high quality but is also stylish, authentic and looks good, making them the perfect choice for both athletes and streetwear fashion enthusiasts.

guys posing in kappa shirts
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Kappa was once a brand that designed casual clothes and become recognisable as a high-end sportswear brand later on. Like most good brands, Kappa has a nice origin story. Before it created its brand with its now-famous name, it started in Turin, a city in Italy, in 1916 as a company named Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT). The small company was originally selling underwear and socks.

The company however had a production problem and suffered a loss in sales. Once they started production again, they began marking the products with the letter K – for the German word Kontrollen, which means control. In 1967, the letter got its name from the Greek alphabet, and the brand has been called Kappa ever since.

Today the Italian brand is recognised as a leader in technical sports fabrics, offering a wide range of quality products, including footwear, sports bags, soccer balls, socks, tracksuits, jackets, shirts, jerseys and sports shorts Australia and worldwide. Their range includes products made with specific sports in mind, including soccer, basketball, skiing, martial arts, but also with fashion in mind as well.

The famous logo of the brand, the “Omini” logo – depicting the silhouettes of a naked man and a woman that sit back-to-back leaning against each other, also has an interesting history. Namely, it was created in 1969 by accident during a photoshoot for an advertisement. The logo symbolises true sportsmanship, which amongst other things defends equality between women and men in sports and their mutual support. The logo also stands for quality, humanity and authenticity.

Kappa Clothes

Whether you are an athlete, you like watching sports, and even if you are neither, you probably know the Kappa logo. This is because the brand has been dressing many athletes, and it has been a partner with the Olympics, as well as many sports leagues and clubs, including over 100 famous soccer and basketball famous club and national teams in Australia and across the globe. This is one of the great indicators of the brand’s quality.

guy posing in kappa tracksuit
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Regardless of the sport, you are practising you can get all of Kappa’s products, including tracksuits, shirts and sports shorts Australia wide. Their sportswear products are made of high-quality breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin. Their tracksuits are designed to regulate athletes’ body temperature. In other words, it can help them raise their body temperature during exercise, and it can lower their body temperature when they are resting. So, they perform well under any weather conditions.

Designed with specific activities in mind, Kappa sportswear doesn’t restrict the range of motions which makes them safe. Kappa’s fabrics also offer protection against harmful UV rays, they are also anti-microbial, and they are also staining resistant. Kappa shorts, jackets and tracksuits, worn by so many athletes across the globe, are all made with comfort and safety in mind. They are made of moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, which means that they keep your skin dry. Kappa fabrics also can keep the body cool in different weather conditions, by drawing heat away from the skin. This means that they help protect the athletes from suffering from a heatstroke.

Kappa Socks

Kappa also offers excellent socks and sports shoes. Like their clothing items, Kappa socks are made of fabrics with great properties that boost comfort. Their range of socks is diverse, not only in styles and colours but also in their purpose. Namely, you can either find ankle-high or knee-high sports socks made by Kappa.

Kappa Socks
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Footwear and Bags

Although they are most famous for their clothes, Kappa also provides quality footwear, as well as bags. These items are also made of top-quality materials. They provide a lot of comforts. Like all of their products, sports bags provided by Kappa, are high quality and reliable. They include gym bags, duffle bags, tote bags, and medium trolley bags. Kappa bags also come with a lot of different pockets and compartments, which makes them very useful for athletes.

Kappa Soccer Balls

The Italian sportswear brand also offers a wide range of soccer balls, in three different sizes. They come with 32-panel hand stitching. Of course, they also feature the beautiful Kappa logo and graphics.