Few Helpful Tips For Cpap Full Face Mask Users

By Maria Rogerson

April 25, 2014Medicine

Cpap Full Face Mask
Many people find cpap treatment quite useful in treating the obstructive sleep apnea and improving the quality of sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for both your mental and physical health, therefore check the treatments available and find the one that meets your needs. What makes cpap treatment so effective is the pressure that the cpap machine uses to keep the airways open. In order to make your treatment successful, follow the full face cpap masks tips below.

If You Have Nasal Congestion From Using CPAP – Even though cpap treatment helps treat obstructive sleep apnea, it causes some side effects. You might experience nasal stuffiness from using the cpap full face mask, but usually that goes away after the first month of use. Keep in mind that using the full face cpap masks might cause runny, itchy or dry nose, especially in winter season. However, if you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor and determine whether the nasal congestion is due to wearing the cpap full face mask, or maybe season allergy is a culprit. To reduce the pain in your nose from wearing the cpap full face mask, you can:

  • Applying a nasal spray available in almost all drugstores.
  • Try cpap humidifier designed to moisture the forced air, thus reduce your nasal symptoms. Discuss with your doctor which type of humidifier is ideal for you, whether passover or a heated one.


If Your Air Pressure Is Too High – In some cases, the patient receives higher level of air pressure than the one needed. This is due to stress, alcohol, or other things that might affect your cpap. If you feel like you are getting too much air when wearing the cpap full face mask, call your doctor to adjust the pressure settings and relieve the pain. You can also start using your cpap full face mask during the day to help your body adjust to the air pressure.

Do You Wake Up With Dry Or Sore Throat – If you breath through your mouth, you might experience dry or sore throat from wearing the cpap full face mask. If the pain is unbearable, talk to your doctor and apply one of the following tips.

  • A chin strip can help you keep the mouth closed while wearing the cpap full face mask. The strip will help you adjust your jaw and keep it fixed during the whole night.
  • Full face cpap masks help eliminate the problem with dry mouth. Since they covers both nose and mouth, you receive moisturized air that blows directly into your throat.


Air Leaking From Your Mask – Some people might experience mask leaking during the night. That can happen if your mask is not adjusted well, or if you move a lot during the night. You can reduce mask leaks by wearing full face cpap masks that are secured with a headgear or straps. Beside using these additional cpap accessories, you can also try a different size of cpap full face mask. Ask your doctor to help you find the cpap full face mask that works for you.