Our Tips On How To Select High Quality Fishing Reels

By Steve George

April 28, 2014Fishing

If you’ve decided to devote more time to professional fishing, there are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping for high quality fishing reels. Before you actually choose a certain model, decide whether you need it for saltwater fishing, the size of the fish, weather and water conditions, etc. If you plan to fish big, then find high quality fishing reels with greater drag and line capacity. Once you have decided on the type of reel, you need to match it with the rode. With so many models available on the market, shopping the right reel might be difficult. Here are some things you need to look at when selecting high quality fishing reels.

High Quality Fishing Reels

Line Capacity – If you want to be prepared for professional fishing, high quality fishing reels are a must. One of the things you need to keep in mind is the line capacity, which depends on the kind of fish you are aiming at. Line capacity is less important when you look for high quality fishing reels designed for small fish like beam, whiting, bass, golden perch. But if you plan to target medium fish, then you must consider the line capacity when shopping for high quality fishing reels. A 50-100 mm is a normal line capacity for fighting fish, but if your target are fast inshore pelagic fish like, mackerel, queenfish, trevally or kingfish, then look for 100 m to 200 m line capacity when shopping high quality fishing reels.

Drag Capability – Another feature you need to look at when shopping for high quality fishing reels, is the drag capacity. Depending on the style of your fishing, the drag capability will vary. When you aim for small fish like Flathead and beam, you have no need of heavy drag capacity. High quality fishing reels used for targeting big fish need to have heavy drag settings in order to land the fish easily. Have the high quality fishing reels lubricated by a trained expert, if you plan to use them for heavy fishing, since most manufacturers tend to apply less in order to avoid lubricant weeping. The drag capability is probably the most important thing when you plan to catch fish that are more than 3–5 kg. Thanks to the maximum drag capacity of high quality fishing the reels, you will be bale to cope better with your catch.

Spool Design – Majority of fishermen don’t really pay attention to the spool design when selecting high quality fishing reels. This is a mistake. Beside the drag and line capacity, another important feature that impacts the casting capacity, is the spool design. If the spool is filled correctly and the size is right, then you will get better reel performance. Aluminum spools are a better choice than the graphite ones, simply because they are long-lasting and more resistible.